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Patch Notes: NW.65.20160801c.18

By Andy (StrumSlinger) | Wed 31 Aug 2016 04:17:04 PM PDT

Content and Environment

Storm King's Thunder

  • Additional changes have been made to the fog in Bryn Shander.  It is now less dense closer to the player character.
  • After defeating the trolls in the Shrine of Mielikki, the dialog timing is now improved.
  • Bryn Shander: Certain yetis no longer spawn within giant blocks of ice.  Gee, are they glad that they're out here!
  • Bryn Shander: The quest path now leads through terrain less frequently.
  • Campaign: Liberate Bryn Shander no longer awards an unused currency; this currency no longer shows up in the Wealth tab of the Inventory.
  • Campaign: The tutorial quest is now properly offered during the course of the first day of play, rather than needing enough supplies to require a second day.
  • Cold Run: Out of Supplies: The objective location for this quest has been clarified in the quest tracker.
  • Defending the Dale: The quest now properly displays text in the Quest Journal.
  • Fangbreaker Island: This dungeon now properly requires 28% Everfrost Resistance to enter.
  • Red Ice: Ice sticking out of the boss arena can no longer damage players before they enter the arena.
  • Red Ice: Enemies no longer chase players through certain obstructions.
  • The volume of various voice-over has been adjusted to be more consistent.
  • Various text throughout Storm King's Thunder has been adjusted, generally to better match the voice-over or address typographical errors.



  • A certain bridge in Rothé Valley no longer causes griffon mounts to jitter when walking over it.
  • Defending the Sword Coast: Players with an objective to collect ritual components in Pirates' Skyhold are no longer directed to go to the Chasm to do so.



Combat and Powers

Classes and Balance

  • Certain class powers no longer cause certain bosses to give up on their dedication to violence.
  • Great Weapon Fighter: Steel Defense now grants Everfrost damage immunity during its effect.



  • Remorhaz: Line of Sight no longer prevents the Remorhaz from helping excavate extra Ostorian Relics.



Items and Economy

Storm King's Thunder

  • Archaeologist's Trowel: This item now requires both "Secrets of Ostorian Relics" and "Restore Bryn Shander's Economy" to purchase.
  • Items in the campaign store are now properly visible even before they're unlocked, allowing players to better plan out and strategize their campaign progress.
    • This also reveals sources of Everfrost Resistance that previously appeared hidden.
  • Prestige Body Armor now properly has Defense values competitive with similar items in its Item Level range.
  • Relic gear icons have been adjusted to better match their in-game appearance.
  • Relic and Frostborn equipment now grant the same stats when in a fully discharged state that they would grant in Tier 1.
  • Scourge Warlocks can now properly purchase pants and shirts in the campaign store.



  • Players with Artifacts that were previously stuck in a permanent "cooling down" state will now see those artifacts' cooldowns tick down again.


Zen Market

  • Frostborn and Warborn gear now shows their locations in Collections.
  • Frostborn armor set bonuses now apply on entering a Storm King's Thunder map, rather than having to unequip and re-equip set pieces to apply them.
  • Shared Bank Slots: The maximum value of Shared Bank Slots in the purchase description has been updated to match a previous increase.
  • To alleviate confusion, the 20 Keys and Frostborn / Warborn Gloves purchases have had their text updated to clarify the behavior on opening.



User Interface

Sword Coast Chronicle

  • Currency counters in individual campaign tasks no longer occasionally project a subtle line that draws to the corner of the screen.
  • Icons for currencies now consistently load in the footer of individual Campaign screens.
  • Storm King's Thunder now has an updated campaign image.
  • Well of Dragons now appears after Dread Ring in the campaign list.



Graphics, Effects, and Animation

Enemies and Allies

  • Certain Dwarf beards that had changed with the Storm King's Thunder release have been re-restored.
    • The new version of this beard has been made available in Character Creation and the Tower of Alteration.
  • Frost Giant Runewielders now properly hold their shields, rather than levitating them.
  • Frost Giants now consistently have blue or white beard colors.
  • The warlock in Lonelywood is now wearing more weather-appropriate clothing.
  • Yetis no longer slide instead of running when they charge.



Performance and Stability


  • An occasional crash in the Quest Journal UI has been addressed.





  • Much of the localized voice-over audio that was missing on release of Storm King's Thunder has now been implemented.

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