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Patch Notes: NW.65.20160801c.13

By Andy (StrumSlinger) | Wed 24 Aug 2016 08:14:15 PM PDT

Content and Environment
Storm King's Thunder

  • Fangbreaker Island now requires 28% Everfrost Resistance.
  • Fangbreaker Island now properly reinforces the queue if someone drops.
  • Lonelywood: Training Day no longer fails if another player enters the map.



  • Maze Engine: If player drops Defending the Sword Coast, it no longer permanently breaks the quest for that character.
  • The Antiquities Scholar now properly plays voice-over in French and German languages.


Items and Economy

  • If players claim the Ten-Towns' Treasure Trove on one shard (e.g. NeverwinterPreview), they are no longer blocked from getting it on another.
    • This unfortunately does not address previously affected players.
  • The contents of the Refiner's Cache in the Ten-Towns' Treasure Trove now properly bind to account on pickup.
  • Trade Bar Store: The epic-quality Manticore mount can now be purchased in the Tarmalune Trade Bar store.


Zen Market

  • Enchanted Keys and Frostborn Gloves: The tooltip now properly lists the gloves, instead of boots, for Scourge Warlock and Trickster Rogue.
  • Frostborn Set: The 1-set bonus now properly grants the additional chance to gain an additional Ostorian Relic.
  • Players who completed the Ostorian Relic intro quest, but did not receive Ostorian Resin, are now properly granted the Resin.
    • Upon logging in, it will appear in the Crafting Resources bag.


Art, Animation, and Graphics

  • Certain Dwarven beards that had lost their color have been restored to their former glory.


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