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Foundry Spotlight: The Cragsteep Crypt

By sominator
Tue 11 Jun 2013 07:00:46 PM PDT


Welcome to the Neverwinter Foundry Spotlight!


The Foundry is Neverwinter’s featured toolset that allows players to create dungeons, stories, and adventures for everyone to play and experience.  With the Foundry, you can build your own missions, brimming with quests, non-player characters (NPCs), monsters, role-playing opportunities, and/or non-stop combat, and share them with the world.  Your imagination is the springboard for the Neverwinter Foundry.


The Foundry Spotlight is a community-driven column that focuses on hand-picked, inventive player-created dungeons that allow for action-packed combat, fun roleplaying opportunities, or other unique experiences.  These exciting missions are recommended if you’re looking for a place to start with playing user-generated content, or searching for inspiration for your own future dungeons.


This week’s spotlighted quest is “The Cragsteep Crypt” by apocrs1980!



Screenshot submitted by wininoid


Quest Type: 5-Person Dungeon Delve

Average Duration: 1.5 hours

Amount of Combat: Very heavy

Starts at: World Map, depart from any gate

Mission Summary:

Something terribly wrong is rumored to have happened in the town of Cragsteep. Nestled in the South Western Crag Mountains, the town is a hub of valuable trade for Neverwinter and other outlying cities.


However, the trade has mysteriously stopped and no one has heard from any of the citizens of Cragsteep for days. You and a few of your closest allies are charged with finding out what has happened.




“Amazing quest, well written story.” – DevineShowerhandle




“Superb!” – itury1


Author Tips:


Recommended level: 30+ (for the best challenge)


Recommended group size: 3-5 players


This is a dungeon so it is best to bring the "holy trinity" (Tank/Healer/DPS).


Please note the difficulty of this dungeon scales greatly as your character levels up.


Although you can play solo it is not recommended as it takes a very long time to do and is extremely challenging!


Join the discussion and read more author tips on The Cragsteep Crypt forum thread!


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