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*NEW* Dark Forest Lockbox!

By DwightMC | Thu 05 Dec 2013 10:10:00 AM PST

Adventurers! Starting today, you can pick up brand new Dark Forest Lockboxes on your adventures in Neverwinter. These lockboxes can reward you with new treasures and items to better prepare you for the difficult battles in and around Neverwinter and the Feywild.

The Dark Forest Lockboxes also include new and improved versions of some of the items previously found in Feywild Lockboxes, and these items have been updated based on your feedback!

Don't forget that each lockbox requires its own Enchanted Key before you can reveal what's inside. You can find Enchanted Keys in the Zen Market by pressing 'Y'.

Enchanted Keys

If you haven't opened a Nightmare Lockbox or Feywild Lockbox in the past, open up a Dark Forest Lockbox and see what rewards you can receive:

Owlbear – (Rank 3 Mount) As its name implies, the Owlbear is a cross between an owl and a bear.  Only the bravest of trainers attempt taming these former predators of the Feywild.  Increases movement speed by 110%.

Pseudodragon – These iconic companions are known to be playful as they are curious.  In combat, Pseudodragons prefer to hide in the brush and strike at targets with their poisonous tails.

The Pseudodragon has initial points in Power, Critical Strike, and Armor Penetration, as well as three Offense Slots for Runestones, one neck slot, and two ring slots.

As a purple quality companion, the Pseudodragon has a Max Rank of 30, providing you with four skins from which to pick.

The Pseudodragon has three powers:


Melee, 2s cooldown

Deals physical damage

Two quick bites that deal damage to target foe.

Tail Strike

Melee, 8s cooldown

Deals physical damage

Strike target foe with a poison barbed tail.  Targets take initial damage and are poisoned for a short duration.

Rampant Venom

Poisoned enemies grant combat advantage and take more damage from Bite.

Alluring Elven Box  – (formerly Shimmering Elven Box) Contains Epic enchantments or runestones used to enhance your items or make your companions even stronger.  Now with a chance to get a higher level Tranquil Enchantment!

Dark Forest Equipment Arsenal – (formerly Sylvan Equipment Arsenal) Contains one Epic Elven-themed Primary, Secondary, Ring, Neck, or Arms item for your character's level and class!

Dark Cache of Enchantments – (formerly Feywild Strongbox of Enchantments) Contains either one Epic enchantment or one or more Rare enchantments to enhance your items to strengthen your character.  Now with improved minimum rewards and a chance to gain a Preservation Ward!

Planar Idol – Earn up to 50,000 Astral Diamonds for Neverwinter! Spend them on your most desired in-game items at the Wondrous Bazaar and elsewhere.

Weaponsmith and Artificer Pack – You could receive Epic Profession resources or Assets for the two new Professions in Fury of the Feywild.

Trade Bar Jackpot – Get yourself a greater chance to obtain Tarmalune Trade Bars in large numbers!

What does this mean for existing Feywild Lockboxes? You will still have them to sell on the Auction House or open - up to you! Take advantage of our Enchanted Key sale now and grab yourself an Epic mount or companion today.

Which rewards do you want most out of the new Dark Forest Lockboxes? Let us know on the official Neverwinter forums!

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