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Now Available: Enchanted Keys & Insignia Bundle

By Xeltey | Wed 08 Jun 2016 05:00:00 AM PDT

We know adventurers are hard at work collecting as many Insignias as possible to find the best bonuses for each character they have. In order to help out your collection, we’re now offering a bundle of Enchanted Keys & Insignias in the Zen Market.

With the new Firemane Lockbox, Enchanted Keys are your “key” to obtaining the majestic Golden Lion and the upgraded packs available. This bundle contains a keyring of 20 keys!

Upon purchase of this bundle, you’ll also receive one random Insignia from the list below:

  • Crescent Insignia of Vigor
  • Crescent Insignia of Prosperity
  • Regal Insignia of Refuge
  • Regal Insignia of Evasion
  • Barbed Insignia of Mastery
  • Barbed Insignia of Dominance
  • Illuminated Insignia of Leeching
  • Illuminated Insignia of Vigor
  • Enlightened Insignia of Refuge
  • Enlightened Insignia of Courage


We hope you find that last Insignia you need and are able to slot it in the Golden Lion mount!


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