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Magic: Legends

April 22, 2021 - UPDATE NOTES

By SoFech | Thu 22 Apr 2021 06:55:00 AM PDT

Welcome back, Planeswalkers!
Last week, the mid-April update dropped with its pile of nice fixes designed to make your game experience better. This week is a smaller update, mostly focused on a few of remaining bug and QoL improvements. The team is hard at work using your feedback on many improvements that will drop between now and the May Update. Performance continues to make large strides and we expect that our changes will provide smoother play experience across all hardware levels.
There’s also been a lot discussion about expanding the end game, both in challenge and specific content. Our team wholeheartedly agrees with this and we are crafting more end game experiences that we will share as soon as we can.
We’ve also added a chat command to completely mute the Overworld Ping while we add it to the game options. Enter /ToggleReliquaryPing into the chat client to disable the Overworld ping if you want.
Thank you all for your the feedback. The game continues to be shaped by community input and everyone at Cryptic looks forward to more collaboration as we continue to full launch.
Steve Ricossa
Executive Producer



  • Event:
    • Mana Rig Mayhem:
      • Resolved an issue where creatures were able to get stuck in the middle of the map
    • Benalia
      • General:
        • Resolved an issue where grass was missing textures in some places
    • Tolaria
      • Tolaria Ordeal 2: Meltdown:
        • Resolved an issue where Planeswalkers who disconnected and reconnected were unable to complete the Ordeal



  • General:
    • Resolved and issue were Vindictive was scaling incorrectly.
    • Vindictive, much like region enchantment reflect were both double scaling
  • Artifact:
    • Write of Avacyn:
      • Resolved an issue where Writ of Avacyn could keep Planeswalkers in combat.
  • Battlepass:
    • Resolved an issue with the Region Reputation dailies for Defeating enemies with a specific color sorcery in a specific region.
      • Some Sorceries were not counting towards it.
  • Region Reputation:
    • Resolved an issue where claiming multiples of reputation rank would not properly give out rank per level
  • Spells:
    • General:
      • Resolved an issue where some spells were displaying or acting incorrectly
    • Black:
      • Cabal Knight
        • Resolved an issue where Cabal Knight was spawning in with 0 health



  • Library:
    • Resolved an issue where if you had 2 filters active you were unable edit your deck.
  • Tailor:
    • Added a character limit to costume names
      • This should resolve an issue with characters who crashed due to this
  • Inventory:
    • Resolved an issue where certain artifacts, spells, and items from the Empyrean store could be purchased, but not claimed


Server & Client:

  • Resolved some crashes for both client & server


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