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Magic: Legends

Developer Blog: Dimir Assassin Booster Pack

By Matt Campbell & Misa Ganz | Tue 23 Mar 2021 10:05:00 AM PDT

The Dimir Assassin epitomizes House Dimir, capable of setting up their enemies for devastating combo attacks and always fighting on their terms with a strong sense of control before exploiting a weakness to catastrophic effect. Now, that power can be yours! Starting with the launch of PC Open Beta on March 23, 2021, pick up a Dimir Assassin Booster Pack for 300 ZEN in the Magic: Legends in-game store! Alternatively, the Dimir Assassin class, Nightveil Stalker Spell, and Dimir Assassin Costume are also available in the free and premium tiers of the Battlepass at Level 50!

Each Dimir Assassin Booster Pack contains:

  • 1x Bronze, Silver or Gold Tier Prize
  • 1x Silver, Gold or Grand Tier Prize
  • An average of 10 Empyrean Shards

Dimir Assassin Class

The Dimir Assassin Class unlock is the Grand Tier prize from the Dimir Assassin Booster Pack. It includes the playable Dimir Assassin class unlock, Dimir Assassin Costume Set, and the Nightveil Stalker spell unlock. Note: You can swap classes in the Loadout section of the gameplay menu. You can change your appearance by visiting the Tailor in the Sanctum and overworld hubs. The Dimir Assassin isn’t a starter class, so new characters cannot start as this class.

  • Disinformation (Trait - Unlocked at Level 30): Whenever you draw a spell, creatures you control gain Lesser Resistance for 5 seconds. Whenever you discard a spell, enemies within 15 ft gain Greater Vulnerability for 5 seconds.
  • Nightveil Stalker (Spell): The Nightveil Stalker is a Mythic Rare spirit Assassin Creature spell with hexproof. Upon entering the battlefield, it deals damage to a foe and stuns them. As its special ability, for every third spell you draw, it teleports to an enemy and does damage to them, but loses its hexproof ability for a short time.   

Dimir Trait, Spell, and Artifact Packs

The Gold Tier prizes include the Dimir Trait, Spell, and Artifact Unlock packs. You can choose to claim an unlock from these packs for your own character, or sell the unopened packs themselves on the Consignment Broker.

Claiming the Dimir: Trait Unlock pack allows you to select one of the following traits for all characters on your account:

  • Might from Unity: Whenever you summon a creature, you gain Lesser Might for 10 seconds.
  • Intimidating Roar: Whenever you summon a creature with an “enter the battlefield” effect, that creature will also apply Lesser Weakness for 10 seconds to nearby enemies as it enters the battlefield.
  • Aether Aggression: Whenever you summon a creature, it gains +1/+1 for 10 seconds.

Claiming the Dimir: Spell Unlock pack allows you to select one of the following spells for all characters on your account:

  • Elven Ambusher: a Rare Elven Assassin Creature spell with the special ability to destroy a nearby random standard or weaker foe.
  • Fire Dance: a Rare Sorcery spell that deals damage to a foe four times per second for 10 seconds.
  • Lightshield Barrier: a Rare Sorcery spell that allows one of your creatures with the greatest toughness to take no damage for a short time, and when the spell ends, it deals damage to nearby foes for 50% of the damage your creature would have taken.

Claiming the Dimir: Artifact Unlock pack allows you to select one of the following artifacts for all characters on your account:

  • Bloodsoaked Altar: a Legendary Artifact that allows you to create a 5/5 black Demon creature token with Trample for a set time if you: sacrifice a creature, lose an amount of life, and discard a card from your hand at random. It also increases Black Mana Creature Potency (damage output of Black Mana creatures) by +125. Life lost is reduced by 1% for each Sorcery spell in your deck.
  • Tracing Aromatic: a Lesser Artifact that gives +12 Black Mana Creature Potency and +125 Control Rating (duration of outgoing control effects).
  • Dimir Codex: a Greater Artifact that allows your next Sorcery to cost 10% less mana and gives nearby foes Lesser Snare for a short time whenever you cast a Sorcery greater than or equal to 5 converted mana cost. It also increases your Control Rating by +125 (effectiveness of Control effects). The Sorcery cost reduction is improved by 10% for each card drawn since the last Sorcery you cast.
  • Assailant’s Contract: a Legendary Artifact that gives you Lesser Swiftness for a short period whenever you kill a Champion or Elite ranked foe. Then, the next 1 Sorcery spell(s) you cast will reduce the cooldown of your subsequent secondary ability activation by 1 second each. It also gives you +125 Black Mana Sorcery Potency (damage output of Black Mana sorcery spells). Affects an additional Sorcery for each Enchantment spell in your deck.

Silver Tier Packs

Silver Tier packs include the Equipment Cache: Legends, World Enchantment Pack, Spell Page Pack, and Relic Fragment Pack.

  • Equipment Cache: Legends: Contains 3 Equipment rewards from any available Common, Uncommon, Rare and Mythic Rare Equipment drops. These rewards can be either Brand-New Equipment piece unlocks, new Adaptive Mod unlocks or additional Equipment Materials.
  • World Enchantment Pack: Contains three World Enchantments: Swirling Spells, Relic Rush, or Font of Riches, which can be applied when queuing up for Ordeals or Story Missions on Expert or higher difficulty. These allow for more rewards of the chosen enchantment type. You must be a Planeswalker Level 30 or greater to unlock Expert and Master difficulty modes.
  • Spell Page Pack: Grants the following amount of spell pages (used to rank up spells), randomly distributed amongst spells in your library:
    • 720 Common Spell Pages
    • 600 Uncommon Spell Pages
    • 200-700 Rare Spell Pages
    • Up to 280 Mythic Rare Spell Pages
  • Relic Fragment Pack: Grants the following Relic Fragments:
    • 130-300 Common Relic Fragments
    • 40-100 Uncommon Relic Fragments
    • Up to 40 Rare Relic Fragments
    • Up to 3 Mythic Relic Fragments

In addition to these packs, the Dimir Assassin Booster Pack has a chance at additional rewards at the Bronze Tier, such as 2X Enemy Rewards Boosts (which improve reward drops from defeating enemies), 2X End of Mission Reward Boosts, and an average of 10  Empyrean Shards - which can be exchanged for spells, spell infusions, Artifacts, and Equipment, and more in the Empyrean Store. The Empyrean Store is accessed by going to the ZEN store, clicking on Booster Packs, and then clicking on the Empyrean Store button.

Learn more about monetization and the economy in Magic: Legends. Then, follow us on Twitter and Facebook for all the latest game news and updates. You can also join our official Discord server to chat with the devs and other Planeswalkers like you! We’ll see you in the Multiverse!  

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