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Jade Dynasty

Great Thanksgiving Sale!

By wamelon
Thu 24 Nov 2016 10:00:00 AM PST

For a limited time, rare and wondrous Thanksgiving packs are now available in the Marketplace! Check out all the rewards you can get from these massive blowout packs:


Thanksgiving Carnival Pack

20 Jaden


Affinity Bead x99990

Expertise Coupon x1

Soul Inverter x20

Ice Orb of Vastness x1000

Fine Seal Orb x20

Magewool x2

Felwood x2

Arcane Wool x2

Kifan Wood x2

Windtrail Necklace x1

Dashglow Ring x1

Dashlight Ring x1


Thanksgiving Privilege Pack

68 Jaden


Ice Orb of Vastness x10000

Chroma Bead x99990

Soul Inverter x50

Chi Enhancer x20

Advanced Orb Bead x30

Fine Seal Orb x50

Soul Ash x400

Expertise Coupon x2

Yuan Crystal LV9 x1

Tiamat Blood x50

Chi of Piety x1


Thanksgiving Deluxe Pack

150 Jaden


Vast Void Jade x50

Ice Orb of Vastness x30000

Star Weave Vigor x600

Soul Ash x2000

Chroma Bead x99990

Singularity Coherence VI x40

Grand Thaumaturgy VI x40

Overdynamic Casket VI x40

Socket Lock x18

Reforge Stone x12

Advanced Orb Bead x60

Fine Seal Orb x100


In addition, all fashion items in the Marketplace are 50% off!!!

These deals aren't expected to stay for long, so grab them before they slip away! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!



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