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Forsaken World

Charge Promo

By Gwaera | Wed 11 May 2016 10:00:00 AM PDT



Be sure to stock up on the latest Orbs in Forsaken World with this month’s amazing charge rewards!



Charge Rewards


Get your Charge Rewards! The May promotion starts at 10:00 AM PDT Wednesday, May 11th, and ends 11:59 PM PDT Sunday, May 22nd.


Charge Rewards Start: Wednesday, May 11th @ 10:00 AM PST
Charge Rewards End: Sunday, May 22nd @ 11:59 PM PST
Charge Rewards Redemption End:
Wednesday, May 25th @ 11:59 PM PST


Here’s how it works:


Buy Eyrda Leaves:

Purchase Leaves and transfer them to Forsaken World during the event period. You must transfer the Leaves to Forsaken World in order to receive your points. You can also use PWE Prepaid Cards.


Receive Points:

For every 40 Leaves  that you purchase during the event period, you will receive 100 points. Example: Buy 400 Leaves and receive 1.000 Bonus Points.


Rewards Website:

Go to the Forsaken World Rewards website to redeem your points for various items.


*Please note that all Charge Reward items are bound.



Rewards List


Ghastly Flare Gembox Lv3

Cost: 1,775 Points

Contains a random level 3 gem.



Packs & Orbs


Mistfade Orb x20

Cost: 2,500 Points

This orb gives you the chance to win:

Mistfade Flying Mount
Devirock Shard Gift Pack
Elemental Star Essence Gift Pack

Divine Token
Colorful Runic Soul
Ancient Volume (Soul Power)
Scroll of Masteries
Scroll of Resistances
Amethyst Crystal
Sapphire Crystal
Gold Coin
Soul Coin
Token of Faith


Ice Crystal Grand Gift Box x1

Cost: 2,500 Points

Right-click to open and receive the following treasures:

5 Astral Reforge Crystals
20 Baloons [Firework]
100 Ice Crystal Gift Boxes


Ice Crystal Gift Box

Right-click to open and receive one of the following treasures:

Gift Box: Flame Crystal
Light Dragon Scale (Weapon)
Light Dragon Scale (Hat)
Light Dragon Scale (Belt)
Divine Potion
Dragon Scale Refiner
Ancient Warrior’s Soul
Mystery Specific Train Talisman
Amethyst Soul Crystal
50 War God Points


Solar Orb x20

Cost:  1,065 Points

This orb gives you the chance to win:
[Combat] Sun Lord, Astral Reforge Crystals, Lv 3 Runes and more!


Abyss Hound Orb x50

Cost:  1,207 Points

This orb gives you the chance to win:
The Gentleman Pet, Permanent Sunbath Fashion Pieces, Elite Pet Augmentation items and more!


Sylvan Orb x20

Cost: 1,207 Points

This orb gives you the chance to win:
A Forest Scout Pet, Title: Light Weaver, Amethyst Crystals, Mysterious Dye, and more!


Voodoo Imp Orb x20

Cost: 1,207 Points

This orb gives you the chance to win:
The Voodoo Imp Pet, Pink Dream or White Knight Permanent Fashion Pieces, Pet Skillbooks, and more!








Startooth Dragon

[Combat] Tyranex




Handheld Fashion





Bad Kitty

Eyrdan Beauty

Dandy Candy












Purple Titles





[Purple] Title - Androgynous Spider person

An exclusive purple title with +9 evasion

[Purple] Title - iHawk

An exclusive purple title with +12 accuracy








Ragefire IV

Ragefire IV

Eagle-Eye IV


Bloodstone Gem IV

Bloodstone Gem IV

Shattershard IV

Shattershard IV

Mistshroud IV

Twilight IV


Goldspark IV

Goldspark IV

Crystalline IV

Stormstone IV

Chronoshard IV

Skycrystal IV


Ragefire V

Ragefire V

Eagle-Eye V


Bloodstone Gem V

Bloodstone Gem V

Shattershard V

Shattershard V

Mistshroud V

Twilight V


Goldspark V

Goldspark V

Crystalline V

Stormstone V

Chronoshard V

Skycrystal V



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