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Forsaken World

Podcast # 2 - Player Experience

By Jason
Tue 01 Sep 2015 12:57:10 PM PDT

Howdy doody, internet land! Back by popular demand, it is ye old grand, two-man bandstand of the forsaken lands, here to bring you part two of Radio F-Doo! 

With more pew pew than you can shake a stick at, enough yammer and caffeine-laced stammer you'll want to throw a brick at, the men with the digital pen, fist-bumping friends, Domino and Lynn!


On this week's cast we'll be focusing on a new-player's experience, the perspective from a veteran, and as always, questions from the Eyrda gallery.


00:01 --- Intro and yammering

12:21 --- Lynn's new-player experience

23:26 --- Domino's veteran-player experience

42:31 --- Player questions and yammer part 2



If you like the show, give us some love over at our forums!


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