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Forsaken World

Huntress Pack 50% off!

By enelimm
Thu 16 Jul 2015 06:31:34 AM PDT

The huntress rests by light of day, then wakes to hunt the night away! Summer nights are perfect for hunting: while the air is warm, still, and silent, and the bright moon in the clear sky illuminates the tracks of your prey. Find your very own Huntress pet, and stalk your prey together this summer! Open up a Huntress Pack from the marketplace for a chance to receive a Huntress, or another wondrous item!



Huntress Pack


Sale Begins:                         7/15/2015

Sale Ends:                            7/29/2015


Open up a Huntress Pack to receive one of the following:


Huntress pet x1
Playboy Suspenders x1
Playboy Top x1
Gentlemen's Cut x1
Sexy Bunny x1
Red Boots x1
Fishnet Heels x1
Token of Faith x4 (with a chance to get 30, or even 100!)
Dawn Scroll x2
Medium Pet Essence x1
Star of Hope x5



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