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Forsaken World

New Orb and discounted Anima items!

By Fero | Wed 20 May 2015 02:00:00 AM PDT


After this week’s maintenance, a new addition will brighten up the stalls of our Eydra Boutique: the Solar Child Orb. Try your luck now with this brand new pack and grab your chance to get a rare mount and plenty of useful items! On top of this, Anima items are also on sale for a limited time!



Start of the sales: 5/20/2015

End the Anima sales: 5/25/2015





Anima Charm: Rage (100)

Eyrda Leaves: 360

Eyrda Leaves  : 270

Reminder: Used to charge energy for Anima [Rage].


Anima Charm: Shelter (100)

Eyrda Leaves: 360

Eyrda Leaves  : 270

Reminder: Used to charge energy for Anima [Sehlter].


Anima Shard

Eyrda Leaves: 80

Eyrda Leaves   : 60

Use this item to twist the energy field of your Anima. Randomly resets the skills for your Anima.




Solar Child Orb (NEW!!!)

Eyrda Leaves  : 10


Right-click to open and receive one of the following treasures:

Combat Mount "Solar Child" x1


  • "Oriental" or "Thorny Rose" fashion x1
  • Star Diamonds x1
  • Hero Card (2 Days) x1
  • Refined Star Crystal x1
  • Hell Road Depths Challenge x1
  • Amethyst Crystal x1
  • Sapphire Crystal x1
  • Flare Gem Card x1
  • Anima Shard x1
  • Scroll of Masteries x1
  • Scroll of Resistances x1
  • Eagle-Eye Light x1
  • Mistshroud Light x1
  • Bloodstone Light x1
  • Tokens of Faith x1




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