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Forsaken World

Pet items on sale!

By Fero | Tue 07 Apr 2015 05:51:43 AM PDT

Get your hands on useful pet items they are on sale this week only! You'll find a larger than usual list of items on sale, so make sure you get what you need now before they go!

Sale Start Date:  Wednesday, April 8th, 2015 (after the maintenance)
Sale End Date: Tuesday, April 14nd, 2015 (until the maintenance)

Full Sales List:

Pet Bag - 60 leaves
Pet Soul Crystal - 40 leaves
Unbind Spirit Book - 150 leaves
Basic Skill Crystal - 70 leaves
Major Skill Crystal - 220 leaves
Humpty - 300 leaves


Pet Bag
60 Leaves - (25% off)

Expands your Pet Bar by 1 slot.


Pet Soul Crystal
40 Leaves - (33% off)

Used as a substitute for a pet during pet training when doing
Pet Release or Pet Sacrifice. Requires Pet Control LV80-LV100.


Unbind Spirit Book
150 Leaves - (25% off)

Used to unbind a pet at the cost of gold coins.


Basic Skill Crystal
70 Leaves - (30% off)

Use to bind a chosen LV1-2 skill. 
Only one of each skill type may be bound.


Major Skill Crystal
220 Leaves - (27% off)

Use to bind a chosen LV3 skill to your pet.
Only one of each skill type may be bound.


300 Leaves - (50% off)

This Humpty won't be cracking easily from any fall!


Make sure you get your items now before this sale is over on Tuesday, April 14th, 2015!


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