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Forsaken World

All about the Aphoteosis System

By sparkiesoft
Mon 09 Feb 2015 07:32:00 AM PST


Forsaken World: Freedom Falls will bring a new system to you. Choose your god and follow him to get benefits for your worship towards them.


The Gods:

Every Monday, players who reached Lv70+ Faith are allowed to choose one of the “Deificated Gods” as their faith and pray to him/her.


Devine Esteem Points:

Devine Esteem points will allow you to learn Divine Grace Skills. Submit “Badge of Divine Grace” or consume “Faith Points” to get “Devine Esteem Points”.

There are of course various ways to get the badge:

  • Claim free Dancing Miracles
  • Trade Sparkling Miracles with Tokens of Faith and unseal EXP
  • Slay the final Boss in Group Instances, which are flagged as “Hero Difficulty”
  • Kill Elite Monsters in the open world
  • Join the “Hell Road” ranking


Important: At 7:40 every Monday, the portion of Divine Esteem that's above Lv11 will be reset.


God Hoods:

There are different hoods available, but don’t think the gods will stay with these – there will be more available soon!

  • God of Fortune
  • God of Destruction
  • God of Flowers
  • God of Fire
  • God of Wind

Important: Only players, whose Divine Esteem Points are above Lv11 and rank among the top 200 players, will be blessed with the permission to compete for Godhood.


Rankings and rewards:

The prayer to the Gods will grant Divine Grace Status and a certain chance to gain Blessing from the Gods Gift Box, which contains Lv3 Gems, Meteor Crystal and other rewards.

Deificated characters are allow to transform for 300s per day at max, and each prayer gathered will prolong the duration of transformation by a certain amount:

  • The player who most prayed God will be granted Favor from the Gods Gift Box, which contains a Flame Crystal (unbound), a Magic Rock Dust and an Elemental Star Essence.
  • The top 10 players in every week's Divince Esteem Ranking (with Lv11+ Faith) will be granted Favor from the Gods Gift Box and a rare title.


What do you think about this new system? Share your thoughts with us in our official Forsaken World forum!

Want to explore all features coming up with Forsaken World: Freedom Falls? Follow our blog, which summarizes all features for you!

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