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Forsaken World

Christmas in Eyrda!

By sparkiesoft
Wed 17 Dec 2014 03:34:58 AM PST

Welcome to our Winter Wonderland!  Freedom harbor is decked out in Christmas decorations where a variety of holiday themed quests, activities, and prizes await!

Celebrate the season in a big way with Forsaken World Christmas extravaganza!  Besides the decorations and general feelings of good will, all sorts of Christmas items are up for grabs by participating in event festivities! 



Start: 12/17/2014

End: 12/31/2014




To start the festivities, speak to the Winter Festival Courier in the center of Freedom Harbor. 




You’ll be given your first quest, and can then go off and start earning up to 60 Festival Badges.  These badges can be spent in a special event shop on all sorts of items ranging from event pets to powerful consumable items!  There are a large variety of both single time and daily quests to be had, so keep an eye out and try not to miss any.




Piles of presents can also be found under several Christmas trees.  By harvesting the presents under each tree, you can collect a good number of free gifts to help kick off the event.


Other fun activities are also scattered around, so visit the main event outpost right outside Hearth Village (Dwarf starting area) and look around!  Have fun and

don’t forget to spread some cheer while you’re at it.

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