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Forsaken World

Supreme Fusion Inventory Sale

By DreamDefender | Sun 28 Sep 2014 11:53:52 PM PDT

Inventory Sale

Got loot? Need more bags? Don't have enough bank slots? This week's sale is just for you! Pick up all the bank and bag extensions you need along with Fusion Agent LV3 at a great discount. 

Oh, did we forget to mention the Supremacy Pack is back and on sale too? Well, now we did so if you are looking for gems, now is the time!

Sale Start Date: Sunday, September 28th, 2014

Sale End Date: Wednesday, October 1st, 2014


Fusion Agent LV3
40 Leaves (33% off)

Used to combine gems.
In Freedom Harbor, find an Armorer to
combine at least 3 Lv2 gems into a Lv3 gem.


Bag Extension 
[x1] 60 Leaves (25% off)
[x2] 120 Leaves (25% off)
[x3] 180 Leaves (25% off)

Each of these will extend your bag inventory space by 6 slots.


Bank Extension 
[x1] 30 Leaves (25% off)
[x2] 60 Leaves (15% off)
[x3] 90 Leaves (19% off)

Each of these will extend your bank inventory space by 6 slots. 


Supremacy Pack
160 Leaves
Contains one of the following:

Flare Gembox x10
      - Contains one level 1 gem 

Ghastly Flare Gembox
- Contains one level 2 gem

Random Level 3 Gem


Expanding Your Bag

To expand your bag, just click on the Expand Bag icon in the Bag menu. The first five expansions require 1 Bag Extension to add 6 bag slots each time. After that, the amount of Bag Extensions needed will increase.



Expanding Your Bank Safe Box

To expand your bank safe box, visit the Bank Staff to expand your bank safe box. The Bank Extension Service option will only appear if you have enough Bank Extensions. The first five expansions require 1 Bank Extension to add 6 bank slots each time. After that, the amount of Bank Extensions needed will increase.



Remember, all of these items will go off sale on Wednesday, October 1st, 2014




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