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Forsaken World

Pet Guide - Part 1

By DreamDefender | Tue 25 Feb 2014 05:42:34 PM PST

A pet-companion on your side is not for simply looking awesome. You’ll soon find out that pets are the most faithful creatures in Forsaken World!


What is a pet-companion?

Pets in Forsaken World support you in your adventures and battles by attacking enemies or granting you special buffs which increase your powers.


Where can I get one?

After becoming Level 10, you’ll be able to start the pet-quest in Port Kalaires to receive your first pet (or one of the first pets for free). Your main-quest will lead you automatically to the Pet Dealer Rachel.

She will send you to “Timmy”. You'll need to find this little energetic boy in the main area of Port Kalaires. Find him and get a whistle from him.

Meet Rachel and hand out the present. She’ll be very thankful and you can decide which kind of pet you want to receive from her.

Option 1: Wolf


Option 2: Master Turtle


Option 3: Sheep


Congratulations! You have won your first pet, but this is not even half of it yet. We’re just about to begin!

Next to the Eyrda Boutique with many pets and orbs, there’s a profession in Forsaken World, called “Tamer”, which allows you to catch your own soulstones from special animals in a cool dungeon called “Creekbank Valley” or in the open world.

But you should know: Not every monster is able to give you its soul. There’s a special sign right next to the name of the monsters, which are showing you if they are catchable or not.


You can get souls from monsters with the gold ore symbol:


Monsters without it like this one won’t give you a soul:





Catch the soul after defeating the monster and you’ll receive a soul-stone. This soul-stone is available in 4 different qualities:



This soulstone is very common and can be found in every monsters soul. You’ll receive most soulstones from this quality if you’re collecting them to increase your “Tamer” profession.



This soulstone is quite common, but more unique as white quality stones. You'll find most of them in “Creekbank Valley” specified for the pet-tamers and hunters. The green stones can be found in monster-souls on open maps, but this doesn't happen often.



The blue soulstone is very high quality and can be dropped by rare pets (elite monsters) or sometimes boss monsters which appear in the “Creekbank Valley”. Most of the Eyrda-Boutique pets are blue quality.



The purple soulstone is the most unique quality in soulstones. So rare, it has yet to be seen, but may make an appearance one day...


How can I catch souls?

Pets can be found and caught in the “Creekbank Valley” or sometimes on the open map.

To catch the souls of the monsters, you first need to learn a cool skill, “Soul Resolution Level 1”, which can be learned by reaching level 30 and visiting NPC Hicks in Port Kalaires.

The pets from dungeons exist in the open world maps too (except some of the legendary boss monsters at the end of certain dungeons). However, the chance to find a soul after defeating many of them is not as high as in “Creekbank Valley”.

To catch a pet, you first need to kill its old body to get the soul free. If a blue-shadowed soul arrives after you defeated the monster, target it and get your spell “Soul Resolution” working on it.


Sometimes you can’t catch it with your first try... but don’t give up.

Repeat this until the soul is yours!


Hint: Don’t try to catch souls while your own pet is trying to help you, because sometimes it’s too strong for these pets and you won’t have the chance to try it several times.


I’ve got a soul-stone. What can I do with it now?

No one can fight with a stone. Ok… not in Forsaken World!

But you can do something very cool with it instead of throwing it away:

Hatch it! Just right click on the soulstone and start the incubation-process.


At first a window will be opened, which asks if you would like to place the pet on a “Incubate Slot”. Say “Yes” if you want to do so.

You won't able to remove the pet after setting it in the incubation-process. Is it ok to log out if you’re hatching your pet? No, because the incubation time will stop if you logout!


Time? In that case: Time is money!

Now we’re coming to the fun part of hatching:

Every soulstone has different incubation-times, so it can happen to you (lucky you!) that a white soulstone (common) can become a green one, or even a blue quality soul!

Push "P“ to have a look at the time of your hatched soulstone. Move with your mouse right over the icon and you’ll see the timer countdown ticking on.



Following Hatch-times will bring you happiness:

Hatching-time: 0 - 9:59 minutes: Pet is white

Hatching-time: 10 - 29:59 minutes: Pet is green

Hatching-time: 30 - 59:59 minutes: Pet is blue


If the pet is done with being hatched, you can pull it away from the hatching space and call it.

To call a pet, equip it and right-click on the icon of the pet. Choose “Summoning”.

You’ll notice very soon that the pet has a lot attributes after you’ve hatched it.

You can choose the attributes that are fitting for the purpose of your pet!

With a Dawn Scroll you can reset the attributes of your pet.

As often as you want too until you’re fine with them.

With this scroll, go to the Pet Dealer NPC who will help you redo all the attributes of your beloved pet.

Make sure your pet is bound to you or else it won’t be to do this.


Beware: After revival the pet level will be set on 1 back again!

So you better make sure to have nice stats before leveling your pet to level 80. Levels of talents and skills won’t be reset by this process.


Can I train the talents of my pet?

Yes, you can! The “Star of Hope” will support you in training the skills of your pet. The Attack Talent raises by using special items. Maximum-level by training is 10.


Some examples of crystals which can help you (you can find them in magic stones and boutique-promotions).

You can reach Level 1-3 by fusing hatched pets you don’t need with your favorite one (the talent levels need to be higher than yours). Always know: There’s never a 100 % chance to have success in training your pet talents.


Go to NPC "Hicks“ to train your levels:


Put the pet you want to be trained in the left corner.

The right corner is reserved for the pet you want to use and destroy for this training.



To increase the talent-level of your pet, the pet in the right box needs to have the same talent-level or a higher one.

You should always double check that you have a chance for a successful increasing of talents.

The material you use in the right box will disappear after the combination, no matter if you had success or not.


Do I need to take care of my pet?

Of course you should! You can buy potions and food from the Pet Dealer. If you have an VIP Card from our Eyrda Boutique, you don’t need to search for the shop, as you can buy them wherever you are.


How can I train my pet and level it up?

If you kill monsters while having your pet called by your side to support you, your pet will receive experience. Your pet won’t only become stronger, it grows at the same time! If you want to speed up the visible growth, have a look in the Eyrda Boutique (“J”) and scan the pet section!

The "God’s Trial“ is the best dungeon next to the "Creekbank Valley“ to level up your pet.

Even if you already reached level 80 (current maximum level), your pet will still receive experience points for killing monsters with you.


Where can I set the fight-status of my pet?

After your pet has been called by you, an icon will appear on top of your screen. Click with the right mouse button on this avatar picture and a new small window will open.

Choose "Combat“ and select:

  • Do you want your pet to damage the monsters? Choose Attack.
  • Do you want your pet to tank the monsters for you? Select Defend.
  • Do you want your pet to only walk with you, but do nothing active? Choose Idle.
  • Do you want your pet to follow you or just stay where it is without moving at all? Select the follow-settings.


What happens if I’m "Interacting" with my pet?

The longer you travel with your pet active through Eyrda, the more your pet will receive interaction-points (every 5 Minutes 1 point).

The Spirit Whistle from the Eyrda Boutique can grant you more interaction-points.


Those interaction points can be used to send your pet away to do some jobs for you (for example Henry-quests, Run girl run, …) or you just interact directly with your pet.


With interaction, your pet will receive more damage and the element-resistances will be increased. Every single interaction increases different points of your pet. As you’re leveling up one of them, the others will decrease (your pet can’t be happy, sad and mad at the same time).


Where can I get the cool talent-books for my pet?

You can receive skills for your pet in different ways:

  • Creekbank-Valley from each bossmonster
  • Eyrda Boutique
  • Every Pet Dealer in the city or in your guild-base

Get the skill you like most which supports you the best and visit the Pet Trainer. Choose “Pet Academy” to continue:

Set the pet and the Skillbook of your choice.


Your pet will learn the new skill immediately.


There are 2 different varieties of skills: Offensive-Skills (upper bar) and Supportive-Skills (lower bar).

If you’re a lucky, you’ll be able to set another skill-slot free for extra skills! In total you could have 8 slots for Pet-Skills.


Warning: If your pet already has a special ability and you want to teach it another ability with the same function (Supportive/ Offensive), it is possible that your beloved pet forgets the old ability while learning the new one.


For this situation, we’re offering you an item called "Basic Skill Crystal“/ "Major Skill Crystal“. Your pet won’t forget the skill you’re saving with these crystals!


Not every skill can be used by the pet on its own. Sometimes the master (you) needs to help the pet using the skills by using them as your own skills. Click on the skill icon.



What is "Pet Control"?

If you trained your pet to level 30, you’ll be able to begin a new kind of training. Click “P” and the button “Control” to begin the training.

You’ll need "Faith Order“ or “Soul Coins” to begin the training. Sometimes you need pets or items from the boutique too.


With "Pet Control“ you can train the attack, resistances, and abilities of your pet as well as health recovery and multi-target-heals. This awesome feature will make your pet much more important for you as personal support than before!


Here we come to "Pet Acuity“, which is important for your “Pet Control”. Visit NPC Hicks in Port Kalaires to identify your pet.


As the "Acuity“ of your pet gets better, the higher you can level up the "Control“ of your pet!

To increase the identified “Acuity” you’ll need the "Pet Meld".



To use this functionality, you need to be the lead of a party with pets that have the same level as yours and accompany you to Hicks.


The "Pet-Meld" is available with level 30 and can be done every 10 level for your pet:

  • Level 30 – first “Pet Meld”
  • Level 40 – second "Pet Meld“
  • Level 50 – third "Pet Meld“
  • Level 60 – fourth “Pet Meld”
  • Level 70 – fifth “Pet Meld”
  • Level 80 – sixth “Pet Meld”


Can I transfer the souls of pets to my pet?

This service is available at Hicks too.

You’ll need a new "Pet Soul Transfer Scroll“ and Gold Coins, as well as the old pet.

The Gold Coins and the amount of needed scrolls vary depending on the worth of the pet.

The higher the quality of your pet, the higher the costs.


Can I unbind my pet?

Hicks will help you if you’re really sure that you want to unbind your pet.

Choose the option “Unbind pet” for this service.

You'll need the pet you want to unbind and an “Unbind Spirit Book” from the Eyrda Boutique. 

You'll also need to spend some Gold-Coins for using this service too. After unbinding your pet, you’ll be able to send it to one of your other characters or to trade it with other players.


So many things to learn and find out!

Do you need more information about specific topics? Don’t be afraid! Within the next few weeks, we’ll be providing you more guides in detail about all the general facts throughout this article.

Just follow this general guide and you’ll soon be a real pet-master!


Next up, we'll be exploring Creekbank Valley and what it means for all potential pet-masters!

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