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Forsaken World

December Content Update Patch Notes

By Fero | Wed 15 Dec 2021 10:00:00 AM PST



Here's a special surprise in time for the holidays!

Take a look at what’s new in this update for Forsaken World!

To celebrate, 5x XP/SP & 2x Drops are active until maintenance on January 4!


Normal Mode available for Raid Instance: Degard's Lair

  • Instance Entrance: Maria Ross in Nightfall Citadel (to the opposite side to the Siege Coordinator)
  • Capacity: 6-18 Players Raid
  • Instance Reward: Champion Rank 11 Gear trade token, Order 5 Class Gear, Orange Gear Materials, Order 5 Soul Entity Fragment.
  • Weekly Reward for Normal Mode: LV2 Relic Spirit Mark x10, Purple Energy Scroll: Demigod x10, Esoteric: Divinity Soul x40, Legendary Point x 1200, Siege Order x20, Guild Benefit Coupon x1.


Newly added Purity LV10 advanced piece gear

  • Can be acquired by evolving from Mystic LV10 advanced piece gear. 
  • New advanced piece gear Evolution Item: Aqua Geode, Aero Geode, Pyro Geode, which can be acquired from Degard's Lair
  • Maria Ross at [Degard's Lair] Entrace: added the special exchange for Purity LV10 advanced piece Evolution Item.


LV110 Grandmaster Realm Instance "Garden of Wonders"

  • Players can challenge it after reaching Esoteric LV10.
  • Entrance: You can challenge the traditional modes by clicking Random Challenge Instance (Grn) on T menu, or collecting the Grandmaster Realm Challenge Order at McGrady to challenge the Grandmaster Realm in a team.
  • Traditional modes: Choose your challenge from easy, normal and difficult mode and then kill the final Boss in 20 minutes to complete the challenge. A reward roulette and treasure chest will be brought up as the instance is completed.
  • Grandmaster Realm Mode: There are 20 levels. You can use the Grandmaster Realm Challenge Order to start your challenge. The level that your team is going to challenge will be the current level of the player who has first used the Order. Repeatedly using the Order is invalid. You will need to kill the final Boss in 20 minutes to gain the reward and the reward only includes treasure chest. The instance will be closed 30 minutes after it opens.
  • World Weekly Ranking: The ranking is displayed based on the levels the teams have reached, and the time the teams have spent. The ranking gets refreshed at 0:00 everyday. Teams on the ranking can collect their reward from 10:00 on the next Thursday to 23:00 on the next Sunday.
  • Personal Reward of Grandmaster Realm: The reward will be given based on the challenger's current Highest Level of completed Grandmaster Realm. Players are supposed to collect their reward before the end of each week, for the reward will be reset at 0:00 every Monday.
  • Newly added instance reward: Including Order 5 Gear for all classes, Conqueror's Tag Season 4, and you can use Conqueror's Tag Season 4 at Cinkos in Hall of Glory in Nightfall Citadel to trade for Conqueror's Tag Season 3 Pack.
  • Canopy Treasure will be available after the update.


New Arena Season

Arena Season 11 will start after the game update. Arena Score from previous season will be cleared, seasonal reward will be sent, and new Season 11 gear as well as their exchange tokens will be added.


New Season of Faction Battlefield

  • After update, Faction Battlefield Season 5 will start. Players will find their Merit of last season is changed to the Faction Glory in the equal amount once they get online (Check it by pressing R and navigating to Legend page). 10% of Merit of last season will be remained.
  • The rewards available at Felicity Nietz in Hall of Glory in Nightfall Citadel will be updated for the new season. Orange Energy Scroll: Demigod and Astroplane Bead will be added as item rewards.


Esoteric LV10 Battlefield Accessories will become available for exchange and Evolution.

Esoteric LV10 Gold Bracers, Shoes, and Accessories for all classes will be available for exchange and Evolution.

Added Esoteric LV10 Gemini boss. It will be spawned every Wednesday at 22:15 to the south of 15 in Sleeping Jungle in Realm 5. The Gemini boss drops Gold gear materials and Purity Gemini Evolution materials.

Class Transfer available for Juggernaut. Other classes can transfer into Juggernaut, and Juggernaut can transfer into other classes.

Glorious League will be available for sign-up. Players can enter the cross-server to sign up for the competition.


Content Adjustment

Juggernaut Skill Adjustments

  • Blood Continuation: The skill effect is changed to sacrifice 20% of current HP, and in the next 10 seconds, recover HP by (90%+10%*Skill Level) of the HP Cost per second.

To reach Mystic Divinity Level requires 30 players to have completed Source of Sin Prelude (reduced from 50); To reach Purity Divinity Level requires 30 players to have completed Hellfire Fortress (reduced from 50);

Completing any Difficulty 3+ Grandmaster Realm instance can gain Conqueror Reputation.

Each player can win 3 times from a single instance from the instance group. The reputation will be cleared each Monday. The player who rank 1st in the Weekly Conquest Rankings and meet the Conqueror Reputation Requirements will become the Conqueror itself.

Grandmaster Instance [Scarlet Crown] minion respawn mechanism is adjusted, and the overall instance difficulty is reduced.


Bug Fixes

Fixed the issue that when Dragoon is using Human blessing skills, there is no skill animation.

Fixed the issue that certain books and quest cards cannot be added to the Collection.


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