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Forsaken World

Weekly Boutique Update

By Fero | Fri 11 Jun 2021 10:00:00 AM PDT



The Ginger Tiger Magic Box, Griffin Orb, Stinger Orb, Fat Star Orb and much more are discounted for a limited time!



Sale Start Date: Wednesday, June 9th, 2021
Sale End Date: Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021

Additionally, Holy Soul 
(73% off
and the Purple Source Giftpack (30% off) will be discounted between June 11 - 16!



Griffin Orb

4 Leaves (90% off)

Right click this orb for a chance to receive:

Tytan's Hammer x1
Twilight Raid fashion set piece
 Twilight Grace fashion set piece
Amethyst Crystal
Sapphire Crystal
Gem Light Potion
Tokens of Faith



Stinger Orb

6 Leaves (80% off)

Right-click to open and receive one of the following treasures

 Stinger Mount
Order Energy Miracle
Spellbound Sandgrit

Lv1 Stable Adv Nature/Wisdom/Fervor Rune x5
Orange Spiritus Scroll
Grand Lv4 Rune Pack
Epic Elemental Relic Gift Pack
Astral Reforge Stone
Mysterious Dye
Soul Coin
Stone of Awakening
Token of Faith



Fat Star Orb


6 Leaves (78% off)

Right-click to open and receive one of the following treasures:

Mount comes in 3 sizes, exchange Spirit of Starfish at Otis Norrinan!

Refer to lantern for size reference:

Small                    -------                            Medium                             -------                            Large

Spirit of Starfish
Fat Star Orb
Giftpack: Flame Crystal
Giftpack Elemental Star Essence
Giftpack: Devirock Shard
Ancient Runestone
Box: Spellbound Sandgrit
Box: Arcane Crystal Shard
Box: Divine Blood
Pure Demon Crystal
Abyssal Device

Stone of Awakening
Flare Gembox (Lv3)
Flare Gembox (Lv2)
Token of Faith



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