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Forsaken World

Weekly Boutique Update

By clearmind | Wed 18 Dec 2019 10:00:00 AM PST



Cute Foundation Magic Box, Fiona Orb and Gliding Golden Pinion Orb join in the holiday fun this week in the boutique!



Cute Foundation Magic Box

10 Leaves 
(65% off)

Right-click to open and receive one of the following treasures:

Welsh Float Mount
Franz and Maria Fashions

Box: Divine Blood
Devirock Shard Gift Box
Box: Spellbound Sandgrit
Box: Arcane Crystal Shard
Flame Crystal Gift Box
Elemental Star Essence Gift Box
Paleblue Crystal
Source Essence Shard
Source Essence Fragment
Solid Soul Essence
Relic Spirit Charm Lv4
Relic Spirit Charm Lv5
Crit Damage Transmute Scroll
Crit Defense Transmute Scroll
Sky Stomp
Sudden Cloud
Sudden Thunder
Lv1 Relic Spirit Gift Box
Stable Adv. Fervor/Wisdom/Nature Runes
Cute Foundation Magic Box
Warlord Blessing
Stone of Awakening
Monster’s Power
Token of Faith


Fiona Orb

6 Leaves 
(40% off)

This orb gives you the chance to win:

Travina Box
Fiona Box

Giftbox: Spellbound Sandgrit
Giftbox: Arcane Crystal Shard
Swift Blood
Flame Crystal
Elemental Star Essence
Devirock Shard
Mysterious Orb 0.1, 1.0, 3.0
Advanced Stable Fervor Rune
Advanced Stable Wisdom Rune
Advanced Stable Nature Rune
Monster’s Power
Stone of Awakening
Token of Faith


Gliding Golden Pinion Orb

6 Leaves 
(70% off)

Right-click to open and receive one of the following treasures:

Double Flying Mount “Gliding Golden Pinion”
Vine of Desire (Men’s Fashion)
Vine of Love (Women’s Fashion)

Amethyst Crystal
Sapphire Crystal
Eagle-Eye Light
Mistshroud Light
Bloodstone Light
Flare Gem Card
Anima Shard
Scroll of Masteries
Scroll of Resistances
Tokens of Faith








Identity Potion 

600 Leaves (40% off)


Faith Tablet

12 Leaves (40% off)


Life Serum & Mana Serum


120 Leaves each (50% off)


Life Tap & Mana Tap


96 Leaves each (50% off)


Life Nectar & Mana Nectar


50 Leaves each (50% off)


Life Spring & Mana Spring


36 Leaves each (50% off)


Life Water & Mana Water


16 Leaves each (47% off)


Anima Charm: Rage

 32 Leaves (20% off)


Anima Charm: Rage (100)

 270 Leaves (25% off)


Anima Charm: Shelter

 32 Leaves (20% off)


Anima Charm: Shelter (100)

 270 Leaves (25% off)




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