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Forsaken World

Weekly Boutique Update

By clearmind | Wed 06 Nov 2019 10:00:00 AM PST



Claudia Magic Box brightens up the boutique for a limited time!



Claudia Magic Box

10 Leaves 
(65% off)

Right-click to open and receive the following treasures:

Claudia Mount
Federico and Ochoa Fashions
Sudden Cloud Horseshoe
Snowstep Horseshoe

Lv4 Sigil Charm (attack)
Lv4 Sigil Charm (healing)
Solid Soul Essence
Source Essence Shard
Source Essence Fragment
Paleblue Crystal
Crit Dmg Transmute Scroll
Crit Def Transmute Scroll
Dar Giugo's Fashion Token
Lv1 Relic Spirit Gift Box
Box: Divine Blood
Box: Arcane Crystal Shard
Box: Spellbound Sandgrit
Flame Crystal Gift Box
Devirock Shard Gift Box
Elemental Star Essence Gift Box
Stable Adv. Fervor/Wisdom/Nature Rune Lv1
Warlord Blessing
Fantasy Shard
Monster's Power
Stone of Awakening
Token of Faith


Celia Orb


6 Leaves (70% off)

Right-click to open and receive one of the following treasures:

Shylia or Corvus Fashions
Prismatic Certificate
Luxuriant Spring Certificate
Fresh Summer Certificate
Fantastic Certificate
Chromafate Certificate
Stable Adv. Fervor Rune Lv1
Stable Adv. Wisdom Rune Lv1
Stable Adv. Nature Rune Lv1
Taylor’s Fashion Certificate
Fantasy Shard
Token of Faith


Merry Wings Magic Orb

6 Leaves (40% off)

Right-click to open and receive one of the following treasures:

Breezy Noble and Merry Wings permanent fashion pieces
Fantastic Certificate
Fresh Summer Certificate
Luxuriant Spring Certificate
Chromafate Certificate
Mysterious Dye
Taylor’s Fashion Certificate
Token of Faith


Phoenix Feather

140 Leaves (30% off)

Can evolve some Flyers into the same appearance new Flyers at Flying Tutor.  The new Flyer requires lower level, and has faster movement speed.


Theseus Thread

56 Leaves (30% off)

This unique item can be used to transfer Fashion Identification to other fashions.

Anima Fragment Box

560 Leaves (30% off)

This Box contains 5,000 Anima Fragments!




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