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Forsaken World

Summer Games - Token & Erumi Throwdown

By clearmind | Fri 30 Aug 2019 10:00:00 AM PDT


There is a new addition to this event for the 2019 Summer Games – Token Throwdown!

The event is a throw down, free-for-all battle!  All the servers will be competing to see who can reach the highest score by consuming Tokens of Faith and opening Erumi Magic Boxes!  Everyone can participate by exchanging tokens of Faith at Otis Horkennan or Dar Giugo, and by increasing their server’s Mercury Ranking by opening Erumi Magic Boxes.  In addition, as the total score across all servers grows, everyone will earn unlockable community rewards!  Good luck!


  • Points will be calculated per server and then distributed as follows: 
    • 1st - 6 Points 
    • 2nd - 6 Points 
    • 3rd - 5 Points 
    • 4th - 5 Points 
    • 5th - 4 Points 
    • 6th - 4 Points 
    • 7th - 3 Points 
    • 8th - 3 Points 




Scoring Start date:  August 29, 10:00 AM PT

Scoring End date:  September 8, 11:59 PM PT




Unlockable Community Rewards


-- 7,500 Total Score --

Warlord Card (7-Day)

Burnout Pack


-- 15,000 Total Score --

Gift of Flame [100]

Justice Assembly x2


-- 26,000 Total Score -- 

Mystic Lv3 Rune Pack x2

Paleblue Crystal x4


-- 50,000 Total Score --

Source Essence Shard x4

Deluxe Gem Pack



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