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Forsaken World

Summer Games 2019 - Delivery Dash

By clearmind | Sun 25 Aug 2019 10:00:00 AM PDT


Up next for the 2019 Summer Games – the Delivery Dash event!

For this event, your speed is key!  Each server will need to quickly decipher what foods our GMs are looking for and where the GMs are hiding, based on hints they provide.   The GMs will only accept two specific foods during the event!  The two foods will be worth 100 points or 2 points, based on price.  The food must then be delivered (traded) to our hidden GM characters to score points.  Each server will have 30 minutes to discover which foods will be accepted, find the hidden GM, and deliver the foods to score as many points as possible!

  • Points will be calculated per server and then distributed as follows: 
    • 1st - 7 Points 
    • 2nd - 7 Points 
    • 3rd - 6 Points 
    • 4th - 6 Points 
    • 5th - 5 Points 
    • 6th - 5 Points 
    • 7th - 4 Points 
    • 8th - 4 Points 



Start date: August 26, 10:00 AM PT

End date: August 28, 11:59 PM PT




  • 8/26
    • Illyfue @ 10:00 AM PT
    • Tytan @ 11:00 AM PT
    • Storm Legion @ 6:00 PM PT


  • 8/27
    • Shylia @ 10:00 AM PT
    • Eyrda @ 5:00 PM PT
    • Lionheart @ 6:00 PM PT


  • 8/28
    • Nyos @ 10:00 AM PT
    • Dyos @ 11:00 AM PT


Unlockable Community Rewards


3,750,000 Points

Gift of Honor [1000]

Stone of Awakening x10

Token of Faith x10


11,250,000 Points

Tenderness Gift Pack

Gem Grand Pack


33,750,000 Points

Superiority Giftpack

Grand Lv4 Rune Pack



Move quickly and score as many points for your team as you can!!  Good luck everyone!



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