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Forsaken World

Weekly Boutique Update

By clearmind | Wed 13 Mar 2019 10:00:00 AM PDT



We’re unleashing some of our best Orbs and bringing back some oldies but goodies! Check them out in the Boutique!



Cold Kill Magic Box

12 Leaves
 (60% off!)

Right-click to open and receive one of the following treasures:

Cold Kill Flying Mount
Lieutenant Alessandro Mask
Pink Rabbit / Grand Panda Fashions
Box: Divine Blood
Box: Spellbound Sandgrit

Box: Arcane Crystal Shard
Paleblue Crystal
Source Essence Shard
Source Essence Fragment
Devirock Shard Gift Pack
Flame Crystal Gift Pack
Elemental Star Essence Gift Pack

Lv2 Relic Spirit Gift Box
Warlord Blessing
Flare Gembox Lv4
Crit Damage Transmute Scroll
Stable Adv. Fervor/Wisdom/Nature Rune Lv2
Monster’s Power
Awakening Stone
Token of Faith


Majestic Orb

8 Leaves 
(60% off)

Right-click to open and receive one of the following treasures:

Amethyst Crystal
Mysterious Dye
Stars of Hope
Medium Pet Essence
Ether fashion set piece
Frills fashion set piece
Tokens of Faith


Mini Luna Magic Orb

10 Leaves (50% off!)

This orb gives you the chance to win:

Mini Luna Pet Stone
Rage Attack or White Charm Permanent Fashion Pieces
Divine Potion
Shylia’s Fortune Power or Shylia’s Fortune Vow
Seraphic Flux
Infinite Extermination Orders
Purple Magic Stone
Scroll of Masteries
Scroll of Resistances
Token of Faith







210 Leaves (30% off)



420 Leaves (30% off)



336 Leaves (30% off)



336 Leaves (30% off)


Langrank Mantis

504 Leaves (30% off)






Illusory Grass

416 Leaves (35% off)

Contains the ability to permanently change a pet’s outward appearance.


Magical Key

26 Leaves (35% off)

Used to unlock Sealed Lucky Gift Boxes.




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