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Forsaken World

Weekly Boutique Update

By clearmind | Wed 06 Feb 2019 10:00:00 AM PST



Get ready for the Valentine's Day! Orbs, Pets, Fashions and other awesome items on Sale NOW! Don't miss out!



Polystone Orb

8 Leaves
 (20% off)

Crack open a Polystone Orb for a chance to receive one of the following prized treasures:

Dragon Slayer
Devirock Shard
Flame Crystal
Grand Lv5 Rune Pack
Grand Lv4 Rune Pack
Scroll of Masteries
Flare Gem Card
Scroll of Resistances
Gold Coin
Soul Coin
Faith Token


Floofy Orb

8 Leaves
 (20% off)

This orb gives you the chance to win:

Floofy McCuddlekins Pet Stone
Joyful Walk ‘Silverjoy’ (Men’s Fashion)
Rainbow of Midguard ‘Chromafate’ (Women’s Fashion)
5x Stable Advanced Fervor Rune Lv. 1
5x Stable Advanced Wisdom Rune Lv. 1
5x Stable Advanced Nature Rune Lv. 1
Amethyst Crystal
Sapphire Crystal
5x Scroll of Recall
Star Diamond
Wlite Star of Hope
Pet Essence
Token of Faith


Civet Magic Box

8 Leaves
 (71% off)

Right-click to open and receive one of the following treasures:

Graceful Angel and Dancing Glory Fashions
Baseball Glove handheld

Box: Divine Blood
Devirock Shard Gift Box
Box: Spellbound Sandgrit
Box: Arcane Crystal Shard
Flame Crystal Gift Box
Elemental Star Essence Gift Box
Paleblue Crystal
Source Essence Shard
Source Essence Fragment
Anima Fragment
Infinite Extermination Order
Lv2 Relic Spirit Gift Box
Crystal Flake
Southern Sleeve
Fantastic Certificate
Dar Giugo’s Fashion Order
Dar Giugo’s Fashion Token
Stable Adv. Fervor/Wisdom/Nature Rune Lv1
Stone of Awakening
Monster’s Power
Fantasy Shard
Token of Faith


The Orb of Wonders

10 Leaves (67% off)

Right-click to open and receive one of the following treasures:

Hawaiian Best Combat Mount
Sleeping Pudding Combat Mount
Sky’s Resonance Pack
Colored Glaze

Merry Wings Full Fashion Set
Breezy Noble Full Set Pack
Mermaid Princess Fashion Set
Dream Prince Fashion Set
Nightingale Princess Set
Midnight Gentleman Set
Phoenix Pet Orb
Sleeping Pudding Magic Orb
Merry Wings Magic Orb
Colored Glaze Magic Orb
Welkin Orb
Mermaid Princess Orb
Token of Faith


Zephyr Orb

8 Leaves
 (20% off)

Open this orb to receive one of the following prizes:

Blue Sylph Pet
Astral Reforge Crystal
Astral Reforge Stone
Lv3 Runes
Lv2 Runes
Tokens of Faith


Himalayan Orb


10 Leaves (50% off)

Right-click to open and receive one of the following treasures:

Himalayan Beast Lord
Elegant Moonriver / Sweet Aegean Fashions
Divine Blood
Whole Mithril Charm

Light Dragon Scale Head
Light Dragon Scale Chest
Light Dragon Scale Shoulders
Amethyst Crystal
Astral Reforge Stone
Flare Gem Card
Hero Card 7 Day
Infinite Extermination Orders
Token of Faith





Spring Lion
420 Leaves (30% off)


Smart Ape
420 Leaves (30% off)


450 Leaves (25% off)





Oriental and Far East Fashions
(50% off)



Rose Lord and Heart Queen (50% off)


Bride & Groom Fashion
(20% off)



 Action Scroll: Dance
52 Leaves (35% off)


 Action Scroll: Salute
52 Leaves (35% off)


 Action Scroll: Pose
52 Leaves (35% off)


 Action Scroll: Defend
52 Leaves (35% off)


 Action Scroll: Grieve
52 Leaves (35% off)


Action Scroll: Boogie
40 Leaves (50% off)


 Action Scroll: Kiss
40 Leaves (50% off)


 Action Scroll: Flirt
40 Leaves (50% off)


6 Leaves  
(40% off)


Flowers (99)
372 Leaves  
(25% off)


Bridal Pack
840 Leaves (30% off)

This Wedding Pack containing a Bride's fashion set,
Groom's Ring and a Marriage License.


Groom Pack
840 Leaves (30% off)

This Wedding Pack containing a Groom's fashion set,
Bride's Ring and a Marriage License.


Couples Pack
1260 Leaves (30% off)


Bride's & Groom's Ring
560 Leaves (30% off)


Luv Bunny Emote
20 Leaves (50% off)


6 Leaves (40% off)


Singles Day Custom Giftpack
280 Leaves (30% off)




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