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Forsaken World

Summer Games 2018 - GM Boxing

By Shalenak | Thu 09 Aug 2018 10:00:00 AM PDT


Hi Forsaken World!

The first event of the 2018 Summer Games is here, GM Boxing!  Everyone across all our servers will use our GMs as punching bags!  It is a very simple event, you may use everything at your disposal to do as much damage as you can!  Once the dust settles, the more damage everyone does to the GMs across the servers, the better the rewards!


How this will work:

  • A GM will be on each server at the scheduled time, on Realm 5, just east of the giant Nightfall Citadel staircase.
  • Players will have 30 min to deal as much damage as possible to the GM.
  • On PvE servers, the event will be done by dueling the GM.
  • Everyone will receive rewards after the event ends, based on the total damage done to the GM.
  • Points will also be calculated per server and then distributed as follows:
    • 1st       7 Points
    • 2nd      7 Points
    • 3rd       6 Points
    • 4th       6 Points
    • 5th       5 Points
    • 6th         5 Points
    • 7th       4 Points
    • 8th       4 Points




  • 8/9
    • Lionheart @ 5:30 PM PT
  • 8/10
    • Eyrda @ 5:30 PM PT
  • 8/13
    • Storm Legion @ 5:30 PM PT
    • Shylia @ 9:00 AM PT
    • Dyos @ 10:00 AM PT
  • 8/14
    • Illyfue @ 8:00 AM PT
    • Nyos @ 9:00 AM PT
    • Tytan @ 10:00 AM PT


Unlockable Community Rewards

-- 120,000,000 Damage --

Flare Gem Card

Astroplane Dust x4

-- 210,000,000 Damage --

Gem Grand Pack

Keen Star Essence

-- 310,000,000 Damage --

Fastwind Giftpack

Sharp Star Essence

-- 440,000,000 Damage --

Vitality Giftpack

Hard Star Essence



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