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Forsaken World

Summer Games - Test Your Might

By Gwaera
Thu 10 Aug 2017 10:00:00 AM PDT



Put your power on display and hit as hard as you can! Show off your strength by taking a screenshot of you putting up some big numbers! You can only use one ability as your attack! We have chosen an enemy for everyone to target, to keep things consistent. In order to truly demonstrate your ultimate power, make sure to take advantage of any buffs or debuffs your character may have! Once you take a screenshot with your damage, comment on the event’s Facebook post to enter the contest!



  • Whoever does the most damage in one ability will win!
  • The screenshot must clearly show the damage done.
  • Make sure to include your character name and server when posting your entry.
  • Abilities that do multiple hits are acceptable.
  • Only the ability damage counts, no auto attacks.
  • The Lv80 enemy in the Dilapidated Ruins area of Crystal Valley, Reilig Cavalier, will be the target used for this contest.
  • We will investigate any suspicious entries and we may contact a player to demonstrate for us.
  • The top 10 winners earn points for their team and a prize for themselves!
    • Points and bonus prizes will be distributed as follows:
      • 1st - 100 Points – Crystalline V
      • 2nd - 90 Points – Crystalline IV
      • 3rd - 80 Points – Crystalline III x2
      • 4th - 70 Points – Twilight Pack: Twilight II, 5 Flare Gembox
      • 5th - 60 Points – Deluxe Gem Pack: Fusion Agent Lv3, 4 Flare Gembox
      • 6th - 50 Points – Fancy Gem Pack: Fusion Agent Lv2, 3 Flare Gembox
      • 7th - 40 Points – Basic Gem Pack: Fusion Agent Lv1, 2 Flare Gembox
      • 8th - 30 Points – Lv2 Crystal Giftpack
      • 9th - 20 Points – Lv1 Crystal Giftpack
      • 10th - 10 Points – Heart of Fighter Pack



Start date: Thursday, August 10th, 10am PDT

End date: Wednesday, August 16th, 11:59pm PDT



 Show us some big numbers! Good luck and happy hunting!



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