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Forsaken World

The Amazing Race

By Gwaera | Thu 19 Jan 2017 10:00:00 AM PST


Greetings Forsaken World!

The excitement is overwhelming, that we are just going to cut right to the chase, so to speak…

In our five year history, Forsaken World has seen its fair share of events, contests, and competitions. But never has it seen one so grand, so lucrative, and so absolutely insane!

After months of prep and planning, the esteemed board of judges would cordially like to invite you to join us for the event to end all events, Eyrda’s Amazing Race!

The premise is simple to say, but nearly impossible to achieve: Reach Level 100 in each of the seven servers in seven weeks. Yes this contest will be daunting, but to the victors, the spoils will be far greater than any we have given out period.


So let’s get to the Rules


  1. All participants MUST create Brand New Accounts to register for the race.
  2. You must create a character on each server during the Registration Period ONLY. Doing so outside the Registration window will result in immediate disqualification.
  3. Characters MUST remain inactive on their respective servers until the Event is Live for that server
  4. Logging into a character before their allotted live time will result in 0 points for that server.
  5. Once the event is live on a server, you have seven days to reach the highest level you can.
  6. You may use the Boutique, Auction House, and Guilds to advance in your leveling.
  7. Leveling is based off of a points value system and appears as follows:
  • Each level reached equals that number in points (EG. Level 1 = 1 point, Level 15 = 15 points etc.)
  • Level 100 = 125 points
  1. Points will be compiled on a server to server basis and will compound.
  2. The player with the most points at the end of the event will be declared the winner of Eyrda’s Amazing Race
  3. Tie Breakers will be decided by most experience gained. Further tie breakers will be decided by how fast a player was able to level.
  4. All communication between the race officials and the participants will be via the email address set up by the player for this race. This includes the next server to go live, and when that server will go live.
  5. Expect emails to arrive at 12am PST on Fridays.



Registration Period: January 20, 2017 at 10:00AM PST – January 26, 2017 at 10:00 AM PST

Event Start Date: January 27, 2017 at 10:00AM PST

Event End Date: March 16, 2017 at 11:59PM PST



Now, before you become dissuaded, we understand that 0-100 in the course of 1 week is next to impossible. Therefore, each player participating in the race will receive on a weekly basis a special code (tied to that email account) for a level booster pack containing the following items:

  • Book of Faith: Meditation I - 50
  • Book of Faith: Meditation II - 50
  • Book of Faith: Meditation III - 50
  • Book of Faith: Meditation IV - 50
  • Humming Cookie - 7
  • Pure Black Coffee - 7
  • Elemental Latte - 7
  • Wanderer's Dream - 5
  • Sweet Dreamland - 30
  • Primrose Dreamland - 30
  • Blue Flax Dreamland - 25
  • Envy Dreamland - 25
  • Foxglove Dreamland - 5
  • Ancient Pages (EXP Chapter) - 10
  • Fel Irradiated Ore – 180
  • Lucky Top - 30
  • Memory Fruit - 10
  • Shylia's Bliss Card - 1


In addition, we will be activating 5x EXP and 5x SP for each server on the week that they are active in the event


To Register


  1. Registration will begin at 10am PST on 1/20/17
  3. Create one character on each server. (
  4. Send an email to with the following information:
  • Account name
  • The names of each character and the server they were created on
  • The name of the character you traditionally main with (This is strictly for community promotion purposes)


Remember to check your email often for updates from the race organizers!


Do not get attached to these toons. The accounts created for this event will be deactivated once the event is over.



Now, for the part everyone’s curious to know… Why would I want to put myself through 7 weeks of hell? What’s in it for me?


The Prizes

Please note that there will be 2 leaderboards (1 for EN regions and 1 for EU regions). The winners on each leaderboard will receive the following for their placement:

1st place: Exclusive 1st place title, Choice in any Wings currently in game, Abyssal Relic, Quality 5 Elemental Relic, All Level 5 Gems

2nd Place: Exclusive 2nd place title, Pair of Nether Wings, Abyssal Relic, Quality 5 Elemental Relic, Choice in Mount

3rd Place: Exclusive 3rd place title, Pair of Nightfall Wings, Frost Nova Relic, Quality 5 Elemental Relic, Choice in Pet

4th Place: Top 10 title, 4 Honored Warrior Medals, Rose Wings

5th Place: Top 10 title, 2 Honored Warrior Medals, Skysward Wings

6th – 10th Place:  Top 10 title and an Ice Pack

11th – 20th Place: Large Ice and Fire Gift pack

21st – 50th Place: Ice and Fire Pack

51st – 75th Place: Duo Egg Gift

76th+ Place: Small Ice and Fire Pack

Participants: Everyone gets a special participation title

Weekly Leader: Gets a 7 day Yellow Jersey title. This title will be given to the user currently in 1st place for that week.


Lots of information to digest to be sure… But good luck everyone, and we’ll see you at the starting line!



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