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Forsaken World

FW - New Year's Sale!

By CrabClaw | Wed 26 Dec 2012 11:06:41 AM PST


With 2012 nearly behind us and the world still in one piece, it’s time to roll out one of Forsaken World’s biggest sales of the year!  Tons of fashion, gems, and more are on sale, so check it out.


This sale is epic.  Remember that you can also view all of the on-sale items by logging in and hitting the “J” key to open the boutique.  Starting things off, a ton of level 1 and 2 gems are on sale, as well as level 1,2 and 3 Fusion Agents:




Solarflare I Solarflare II
Azurecloud I Azurecloud II
Eagle-Eye I Mistshroud II
Mistshroud I Eagle-Eye II
Bloodstone I Bloodstone II
Ragefire I Ragefire II
Crystalline I Crystalline II
Twilight I Twilight II

Goldspark II

Shattershard II



Tons of classic fashion sets are also on sale.  You can preview them on your character by clicking the icon of the fashion from within the boutique.  Mix and match sets to get your own unique look!  The following fashion sets are on sale:





Rocking Set R.Z.U Set
Royal Set Masque Set
Neko Set Stormchaser Set
Eliza Set Floral Set
Bruiser Set Hazard Set
King's Set Slaughter Set
Queen's Set Death's Set
Misery Set Shadow Set
Bloodnight Set Darkness' Set







Numerous Firework and Action Scroll items are also on sale.  Make sure to celebrate in style by setting off some explosives, and then getting down with a dance emote.






Flying Carp Mount

Spring Lion Pet

Oriental Fashion/Far East fashion


Finally, numerous bundle packs are also on sale.  Get the most bang for your leaf by grabbing one of these packs.  The full contents of each pack can be viewed in game by hovering over the item icon in the Boutique.  The following bundles are on sale:



Ice Pack
Aladdin Pack
Refine Pack



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