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Forsaken World

Homecoming – New Group Instances

By Gwaera
Mon 29 Aug 2016 10:01:00 AM PDT


Welcome back everyone!

We hope you have been enjoying this special look at our newest expansion, Forsaken World: Homecoming, releasing in September. In this installment, we will be taking a quick look into two brand-new instances which will be available when the expansion is released: The Dusk Melee, and Vengeance! Freedom Harbor.



The Dusk Melee



Our Scouts have reported that the Storm Legion has somehow corrupted the pilot of the legendary airship Dusk and have been using it to make supply runs to Freedom Harbor. If we were to somehow Sneak aboard the Dusk and subdue the ship’s captain, we would have a one way ticket home! Rally the troops, we have a ship to raid.



The Dusk Melee is a difficult new weekly Group Instance for players level 95 and above that can be accessed in The Sanctuary. Talk to Gill Silenttown, and she will sneak you and your intrepid team aboard the Dusk, a legendary airship piloted by the Corrupt Captain Bronzehammer.



Once onboard the battle will be fast and furious… There’s just one small catch, while this ship may be loaded for bear and can obliterate all in its path, this is your only ticket home.  You have to keep her airborne and you can’t let her become destroyed.  While this sounds like a simple task, things are always far more complicated in this Forsaken World.



To neutralize the broad side cannons both port and starboard, you’re going to have to equip your sturdiest most trusted flying mounts and take to the skies. Once you’ve neutralized the cannons, its merely a walk to the Bow to come face to face with the captain.  Bronzehammer is no walk in the park, and as they always say, a good captain must go down with his ship.



As a reward for taking control of the ship and neutralizing the captain, players can receive special items and gear to exchange with Arwen Starlight to upgrade their current sets, giving them more power than ever imagined! Good Luck adventurers!



Vengeance! Freedom Harbor



With the Dusk under our command, we have infiltrated the City of Freedom Harbor. Scouting reports have said that our counter attacks have been a success! Storm Legion is in retreat! Hugh Sutherland is forming a squad to storm the city and take back what is rightfully ours! Victory is at hand!



Vengeance! Freedom Harbor is a new instance for all players level 95 and above. This instance is also required for all players who wish to return home as their first completion will then open up Kalaires Plain. To begin the instance, form a party and speak to Hugh Sutherland, he will grant you the access to return home. Once you make it to Freedom Harbor’s port, it’s finally time for Vengeance!



Fight your way from the Port to the Dawning Hope Library, where you will encounter the Black Dragon. Be careful when fighting this beast, as he will call his dragonlings to aid him, which could turn the tides in a very dangerous and fatal way.



Once securing the Library, you must fight your way to the center of the city where you will encounter the final two bosses. The Storm Legion General and his mechanized terrible tank! Both battles will tax you, but with all of Oeste behind you, and Vengeance in your heart, you will win this day so that all may return home!



We hope you enjoyed this look into two of the new instances that can be found when Forsaken World: Homecoming is released! Stay tuned for more exciting looks and sneak peeks as we take the cover off of what is shaping up to be our most exciting expansion yet!



What do you think about the upcoming expansion? Share your thoughts with us in our official Forsaken World forum!

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