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Forsaken World

FW - Content Update Patch Note

By forsakennoblesse | Tue 09 Apr 2013 11:06:20 PM PDT

Patch Notes 4/10/2013


New Features


New!  Gem Collection Skill
A character’s total Dedication is now tracked as Fealty.  When a character reaches the first level of Fealty, the character can learn the Gem Collection skill from the Guild Manager. After learning this skill, the character will receive Jade Coins (DO NOT DESTROY) from the Glistening Lowland instance and Guild quests, which can be exchanged for Ghastly Flare Gemboxes. The rewards will increase with the skill level of the character.


New! Purchaser Birthday Rewards
Purchaser Rewards players who have reached the Baron of Eyrda rank (or higher) can receive in game gifts if they login with a character on that character’s birthday.


New!  Pet’s Journey Quest
Pets will now be able undergo Life in the Harbor quests as one of their Journey options. Note that the character should have at least 10 remaining Life in the Harbor attempts on that day.


New! Fashion Stats Transfer
Players can now purchase an item called a Master Transplanter to transfer the stats from one fashion piece to another fashion piece of the same part and gender. (Male set to male set and Shoes to shoes, for example.)


New! God’s Trial: Chapter 2
Players can now have their characters attempt the next part in the God’s Trial instance!


Tweaks and Improvements


1. Gem Service Fee.
The fees for Combining, Embedding and Removing Gems have been adjusted slightly. The Combining fee has been changed to twice Soul Coins as previous Gold coins. The Embedding and Removing fees have been changed to the same account of Soul Coins as previous Gold Coins.


2. Match-up Mechanism:
The match-up waiting mechanism in Frostgate Fjord has been adjusted, to better match up similar teams.


3. War of the Ancients Optimization:
A) A New Auto-path route has been added to the instance.
B) New! Challenge Mode: The waiting time for entering the instance has been increased slightly. During this waiting period, if three or more players have killed the elite monsters in the 15th stage, the players will see a message asking them if they want to challenge the 15th stage directly, thus bypassing the early stages. If all players agree, Challenge Mode will be enabled and the players can challenge the 15th stage directly. If the team succeeds, the players can receive the rewards of all 15 stages. If they fail, they can receive nothing at all, so be aware of the risks!


4. Boss Optimization:
a) World Map Bosses have a chance to drop Gear Augmentation items (excluding weapons).
b) World Map Bosses will now randomly drop a chest, which has a chance to award the character Soul Coins and Gold Coins.


5. Experience Change:
All experience gained from killing monsters in Fort Rotulor, Emperor's Canyon, Lost Lighthouse, Arena of Souls, Welkin Castle, Outer Ancestral Catacomb, Ancestral Catacomb and The Forgotten Prison has increased greatly.


6. Hell Road 50th Stage Modification:
A) Characters will receive a purple title after completing the 50th stage the first time.
B) After finishing all 50 stages of Hell Road, the player can receive some rewards twice. These rewards include, but are not limited to, a chance to receive a Seraphic Flux (Weapon), an Enchanted Flux (Feet), Amethyst Crystals, Sapphire Crystals and Star Diamonds.


7. Instances & Quests:
The experience rewards of Lv74 and under gear instances have been increased. The drop rate for Shards in said instances has also been increased.


8. Shards:
a) Shards can now be exchanged for Blue gear sets from Lv74 and under instances.
b) Players can get more Shards from the Shylia Market. Aquamarine Shards and Opalite Shards can now be obtained from the Shylia Market.


9. Starter Gifts:
A) The time limit for the starter package rewards has been removed.
B) Dawn and Dream Emblems can only be submitted to race-specific NPCs.
C) Characters can now receive a permanent Abyss Capricorn from the Shylia Market.
D) Characters will now learn their racial skill automatically as soon as they reach Lv10.


10. Guild Base Quests:
A) Characters no longer need to complete Guild Affair quests by using Guild Affair Envelopes.
B) Characters no longer need to leave the Guild Base to complete Guild quests.


11. Functions:
A) For the same item with different bound status, now players can drag the unbound item to the bound item to make all these items bound.
B) The Jobs window can now be opened while talking to an NPC.
C) When a player reopens a job window that has recipes, the recipe that the player selected previously will now be selected by default.
D) When a character uses an auto-route to a distant place, they will use their most recently used mount automatically.


12. Chromatic Shell:
The Chromatic Shell no longer requires that a character has to finish at least one round of guild base quests before being used. Players will now be able to open the Guild Treasure chest by using the Chromatic Shell if they speak to the Guild Base Manager, which will cost money.


13. VIP Card:
Players can now only use 300 Memory Berries per day after using the VIP card.


Bug Fixes


1. Kindred and Lycan red hands now display correctly when Wrath is activated.

2. Solidified Bull's Tears are no longer bound.

3. Positioning of the characters corrected when a male and female Kindred use Embrace.

4. Sorceress’ Dress now appears correctly when worn by Lycan.

5. Addressed issue with crashing when Teleporting in to guild base. This issue should be resolved.

6. Corrected Cash shop preview of Forest Sprite to match hatched pet.

7. GM help button now links to support page in an in-game window.


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