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Forsaken World

FW - New Arena Season and Cross Server!

By dreamdefender | Sat 23 Nov 2013 12:00:47 PM PST


We know you've been wanting it and now it's here! In the newest update, Dysil's Wrath, we've unleashed Cross Server PvP out to you all! With this new system, fight friends and strangers alike from other servers in battles of skill.


The modes available are 3v3 and 6v6, letting you demonstrate just who has the better team work and skill combinations. So get your team together to duke it out and make yourself known as the best team of all the realms!


To join, simply press T and queue up your team.

Of course. with the addition of cross server PvP, this means the long awaited restart to the Arena Season is now here.


Here's what you need to know:

  • When you queue for any PvP instance, Including 3v3 Arena, 6v6 Arena, Frostgale Fjord or Sanctuary Ruins, you will be transported to the Cross Server area, where you can queue up to join these instances with players from other servers.
  • To exit the Cross Server Area and return to your home server, click the arrow button above the mini-map.
  •  Frostgale Fjord and Sanctuary Ruins will be open every day from 0:10-23:50.
  •  Arenas will be open Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Weekends from 0:10-23:50.
  • Players on EN servers (Eyrda, Storm and Lionheart) will be connected to the same Cross Server Area and will be able to PvP with each other.
  • Players on EU servers (Nyos, Illyfue, Dyos, Shylia and Milas) will be connected to the same Cross Server Area and will be able to PvP with each other.
  • There is a new npc in charge of this season's gear exchange from the Hall of Glory in Raisinger.
  • The costs for 2nd season gear are comparable to 1st season. (reputation, score, and money)
  • New special rewards are available for the new season, such as a coupon packs that can be used to trade for armor. (most are bound)

There are side effects of having multiple servers join cross server from different time zones:

If you have a time limited item, you will gain or lose 3 hours on the item when you switch between your home server and the Cross Server area. The correct time will be restored when you are back to your home server. 

If you have a time limited item active when you switch between your home server and the cross server area, the item will de-activate and 3 hours will be added to the cool-down time of the item even if this exceeds the normal cool-down of the item. For example, Costumes from Nightmare Carnival behave this way. 


If you have less than 3 hours left on a time limited item when you teleport to cross server, the item will disappear, and you will not get the item back when you switch back to your home server.


To avoid these situations, please make sure all time-limited items are not on your character. We are working on a fix to this side effect of bringing such a great feature to Forsaken World.


Naturally, with the new Arena Season comes new gear! Get pumped to dominate your way to gear as epic as what's pictured below:







The sight of you clad in these sets of armor will let everyone know you are a force to be reckoned with.

So get ready to rock all the servers in the new arena season and become the greatest fighter of them all!


All of this and more in Forsaken World: Dysil's Wrath!




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