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Forsaken World

Dysil's Wrath Patch Notes

By dreamdefender | Thu 21 Nov 2013 11:00:51 PM PST


Check out all the changes in Dysil's Wrath below!


Cash Shop:

-Added Bright and Casual dyable fashion sets.

-Added Majestic Orb, which has a chance to give the Selvans flying mount.

-Added Pandora’s Orb, which has a chance to give the Wicked Terminator pet.

-Added Starsea Leopard combat mount

-Added Flower, to use in the Flower List.

-Added mystery sales, some items throughout the cash shop are listed at sale prices; see if you can find them!




-Switch a party to a group from the T menu. Groups can have up to 36 members and cannot enter normal instances.

-Group members do not gain bonus EXP or Soul Power.

-Groups of 12-18 can enter Dysil’s Crux raid instance through the Dragon Tower Guild base building.



-Can now build Dragon Tower guild base building where players can enter Dysil’s Crux raid instance.

-Can now build Ride Camp guild base building where players can learn Fast Mount Skills.

-Can now build Jewelry Workshop where players can exchange Jade Gold.

-New scenario quests from the Guild Manager and others.

-There is now a chance to get a Guild Lodestone as a reward for guild base quests.

-Guild Midas Gold bonus is doubled.

-Added Mineral Satellite where you can mine many different minerals and have a chance to mine Star Crystals.

-Added Garden Satellite where you can collect many different plants and have a chance to gather Soul Leaves.


Instance and Event:

-New solo instance, Jr. Lionheart training camp. Players can do two daily quests and earn epic weapons and upgrade items.

-War of the Ancients: If a player has not completed round 5 or 10, they can follow other players to jump ahead to round 15 and will automatically complete all previous rounds after beating round 15 this way.

-Optimized the Arena matching system.


Cross Server:

-Queue for any PvP instance to enter the cross server area.

-Queue again once in the cross server area to enter PvP instances with players from other servers.

-Frostgale Fjord and Sanctuary Ruins are open every day 00:10-23:50.

-3v3 and 6v6 Arenas are open Monday, Wednesday, Friday and weekends 00:10-23:50.

-Activities are restricted while in the cross server area, cannot trade, vend, alter time lock or spend leaves (soul leaves can be spent in cross server area)

-Friends from other servers only appear in friends list while in cross server area.


Gear and Items:

-Augmentation items for Head, Shoulder, Belt and Pants

-Gold Ring and Necklaces.

-War God gear is now dropped by Dysil’s Crux dragon bosses.

-New Arena gear is available from vendors in Nightfall Citadel and Freedom Harbor.



-Follower of Night and Moon quest can be taken from Morin in the Sea of Oblivion.

-Added guide quests to unlock key events as you level up, rewards soul leaves for each


User Interface:

-New format for Events menu, there are now shortcuts to specific events from the front page.

-New display options on the Map world map.

-Optimized bag interface, there are now tabs for different types of items and the number of occupied slots listed.

-Added scoring system for gear, attributes and Mastery and Resistance.



-Previously called pets are now called out automatically.

-Pets now only decrease Gorge when killed.

-Universal Pet food added.

-Pets buffs now last 5 minutes.


Flower List:

-Added Flower List. Players who receive the most flowers will appear on the flower rank list and receive graphic titles.

-Flower score can be traded for items with Larry White in Freedom Harbor.


Soulforce Expansion:

-Earn Gloop items while fighting in Arena.

-Use Gloop items to increase masteries and other attributes for future PvP.


Quick Mount Skill:

-Quick Mount decreases the time it takes to activate a mount.

-Learn Quick Mount Lv1-3 from Rep. Agents. Learn Higher Levels from the Ride Camp guild base building.


Skill Balancing:

- When a character in Stealth or Invincibility walks close to Fel Irradiated Ore, the ore will remove the buffs from the character.



-Increased normal attack range to 14 yards.

-Added Healing Melody talent to the Light talent tree. Reduces attack by 25% and enhances Sonata of Light, Hymn: Baptism and the healing effect of Solo of Light. Increases all resistances and Light mastery by 25%. Increases Hymn: Baptism's healing effect by 100%--interval reduced from once every 4 seconds to once every 2 seconds.



-Added Blood Control talent to the Blood talent tree. Blood Control is an active skill, players can only use the skill while out of combat. While Blood Control is active, Vampires are unable to use attack skills, they can only cast curse and blessing skills.

-While Blood Control is active, Vampire's Invigoration will cause the target's each hit to drain additional blood equal to 25% of the vampire's attack.

-Dark Contract recovers additional health equal to 5% of your max health and recovers your own health 3% of your max.

-Seed of Life restores additional health equal to 5% of your max health and will heal a second time 5 seconds after casting.

- While using transformation skills like Imp Form and Gale Wings, you will no longer dismount.



 -Vicious Intention no longer ends Stealth.

-Swift Evasion’s effect on attack is decreased to 10/8/6/4/2% and Evasion is increased to 210/270/330/390/450.

-Increased basic attack bonus of Thrust of Pain to 105%, Lurking Sting to 75%, Mutilation to 85%, Gouge to 75%, Throat Seal to 105% and Flair to65%.

- Basic attack increase of Nightmare Termination and Dark Nightmare from Agony and Blast orbs increased by 5% each.

-While Dyos/Nyos Deputy of Death is active, crit strikes reduce target’s masteries/resistances.

-Shadow of gale now also increases riding speed.

-Bleed effect from Mutilation now activates once per second instead of once every 2 seconds.

-Mutilation changed to multi target attack.

-Deputy of Death increased crit strike rate by 2.5% and each hit has a chance to trigger the Rampage effect. Each level of rampage increases your crit chance by 1.5%.



-Aimed Shot and Dazing shot now produce 1 soul bullet.

-Aimed Shot’s basic attack increased to 120% while Crack Shot Time is active.

-Dazing Shot now causes an additional 75% slow effect for 15 seconds.

-Full Analysis changes the Hunters Mark evasion reduction to 15/30/40.

- Attack increase and crit strike rate of Burst Marksman’s talent Burning Rage now will be removed when the character casts 3 attack skills.

- While Power Surge is active, Aimed Shot will have 50/100% chances to stun target for 3 seconds; While Precise Aiming is active, accuracy is increased by an additional 15/30/45/60.



-Wind Drive now increases mounted speed.

-Transform now dismounts target.

-Added additional effects to Lv70 Nyos Nature: Accuracy is increased by 10 while in Magic Meditation and After activation each 1 Nyos' Vice Rune Energy will increase accuracy by 5.

- Mages now can correctly see all effects of Aria Aegis, and mages can use Magic Purge 2 times to remove the Aria Aegis effects caused by Bard's skill Sonata of Water (the first time removes the mana and health restoration effect, the second time removes the damage deduction effect)



-Blessings of Gale now increases mounted speed.

- Blessings of Gale now is an instant skill, 10 rune power value‘s activation effect increases movement speed by 20%



-Dragon Power now only works on team members.

-Increased damage of Crushing Roar by 20-50%.

-Reduced cool down of Crushing Roar to 10.

-Gut Crush reduces cooldown of Crushing Roar by 2 seconds each level.

-Increased aggro generated by Crushing Roar.

-For 5 seconds after Crushing Roar is cast, cooldowns are removed for Sword Cyclone and Lightning Wings. Their basic attack is reduced by 50% and no controlling effects occur. The aggro bonus is increased by 300% of attack.



-Reduced the cooldown of mass taunt to 60 seconds.

-Infamous Scourge reduces Mass Taunt’s cooldown to 12/24/36 seconds.


Known Issues:

-If a time limited item has less than 3 hours remaining, switching into cross server will cause the item to disappear.

-Entering the cross server area while using an item with cooldown, the item will be de-equipped and the cooldown will increase by 3 hours even past the max cooldown of the item, this can be corrected by switching back to your home server.

-Entering cross server before the Time Lock has finished will increase the time lock by 3 hours, this can be corrected by switching back to your home server.

-Mounting while hand held fashion is equipped will cause the wrong character animation to play. This can be corrected by hiding and then un-hiding the hand held fashion.

-Dysil’s Crux instance is listed by the incorrect name in the recommended events page of the Events menu.

-Incorrect times are listed for 3v3 and 6v6 Arena, Arenas are open only on Monday/Wednesday/Friday and weekends, not every day.

-1st prize graphic title for the Flower list does not display the correct image.

-Chinese text appears in Lost Lighthouse instance.

-Chinese text in leveling guide images.

-Ferrie has an empty shop.

-Mystic Markings displays incorrectly on Lycan characters.


We hope you enjoy this newest addition to Forsaken World, Dysil's Wrath!


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