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New Dual Character: Luciel

By Andy (StrumSlinger)
Wed 01 Jul 2015 06:39:15 PM PDT

Lu, the demon monarch, emerges in Elrios as a small child, having used all her mana to escape captivity in the realm of demons. She has lost all her power and possessions due to her subject’s betrayal.

Ciel, the mob hitman, finds Lu in her weak state and takes her in. Her name is all she remembers. Before long, assassins from the demon world come for Lu, and Ciel gives his life to protect her.

Just then, Lu remembers everything. A mystical contract allows her to revive Ciel as a half-demon, and he is bound to serve her in return. And soon, with Ciel’s help, Lu will take everything back.

Together, they are Luciel, a dangerous duo in pursuit of demons that plague the land.

Character Profile

Name: Lu
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Race: Demon
Weapon: Claw
Traits: Takes pride in authority, wears her heart on her sleeve
Specialty: Intense demonic enchantment

Name: Ciel
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Race: Human turned Half-Demon
Weapon: Gunblade
Traits: Cool, serious, quirky
Specialty: Rapid slashes and gunfire


Tag Team Class Features

Luciel is Elsword Online’s innovative, dual playable character with its own unique features:


The MP bar for the inactive character shows under the active character’s MP bar. The inactive character recovers 6 MP per second (3 MP/sec. in PVP).

  1. Switching
    • When in the village and resting area, you can switch between Lu and Ciel by clicking on the emblem in the character information window or left-clicking the character.
    • In a dungeon or field, switching can be done only thru the use of certain commands and skills.
  2. Combination Points

This third source of power for Luciel is used exclusively for combination skills. The gauge fills up when you use switching skills, up to a maximum of 10 points.

     3.  MP Recovery

The MP bar for the inactive character shows under the active character’s MP bar. The inactive character recovers 6 MP per second (3 MP/sec. in PVP).

  1. Additional Info
    • Lu and Ciel’s weapon and armor equipment items are shared, but their costumes and accessories are not.
    • Stat effects of equipment vary depending on which character is activated.
    • When opening cubes or boxes, the item acquired will be for the active character. Contents may differ depending on the character.
    • In the wedding system, only one of the characters can be married. Lu marries any other male character, or Ciel marries any other female character.


Special Events: Luciel's Spiritual Contract

Event Duration: 7/1/2015 - 7/14/2015 (Ends 11:59 PM PDT)
Limitation: Luciel only, Lv. 1 and up


Quest Name Clear Condition Rewards
Spiritual Contract!
Use a skill that switches to
‘Lu’ 5 times;
Use a skill that switches to
‘Ciel’ 5 times
Luriel’s Vitality Potion x 10;
Luriel’s Complete Recovery Potion x 10;
Resurrection Stone 10ea Cube (7 days)
Spiritual Contract!
Use a command skill and switch 10 times Luciel Exclusive Magic Necklace Cube (7 days)
Spiritual Contract!
Use a combination skill 10 times Luciel Exclusive Skill Ring Random Cube (7 days)

Quest Name Clear Condition Rewards
Fun in Growth!
Achieve Lv. 10,
Have 1 Fruit of Growth
Lv. 10 Achievement Cube
(7 days)
Fun in Growth!
Achieve Lv. 20,
+10 Luriel’s Cursed Darkness Dual Weapon,
Have 1 Fruit of Growth
Lv. 20 Achievement Cube
(7 days)
Fun in Growth!
Achieve Lv. 34,
+10 Luriel’s Warrior Dual Weapon,
Have 1 Fruit of Growth
Lv. 34 Achievement Cube
(7 days)
Fun in Growth!
Achieve Lv. 42,
+10 Luriel’s Alterasia Flower,
Have 1 Fruit of Growth
Lv. 42 Achievement Cube
(7 days)
Fun in Growth!
Achieve Lv. 50,
+10 Luriel’s Evil Desire Dual Weapon,
Have 1 Fruit of Growth
Lv. 50 Achievement Cube
(7 days)
Fun in Growth!
Achieve Lv. 60,
+10 Luriel’s Demon Dual Weapon,
Have 1 Fruit of Growth
Lv. 60 Achievement Cube
(7 days)
Fun in Growth!
Achieve Lv. 70,
+10 Luriel’s Eroded Abyss Dual Weapon, Have 4 Fruits of Growth
Lv. 70 Achievement Cube
(7 days)
  • Spiritual Contract Quests with Ariel. Practice Luciel’s switching and combination abilities to earn useful battle supplies thru these quests. (Consecutive quests)

  • Quest Item: Fruit of Growth. Log on as Luciel and stay in-game for at least 10 minutes each day to receive this quest item--one on a weekday and 2 per day on weekends.
  • Fun in Growth Quests with Ariel. Time to hustle! Play through the milestone levels in order to acquire awesome weapons through this quest series! (Consecutive quests)
Cube Name Contents Limitation
Lv. 10 Achievement Cube +10 Luriel’s Cursed Darkness Dual Weapon Lv. 10 or above
Lv. 20 Achievement Cube +10 Luriel’s Warrior Dual Weapon Lv. 20 or above
Lv. 34 Achievement Cube +10 Luriel’s Alterasia Flower Lv. 34 or above
Lv. 42 Achievement Cube +10 Luriel’s Evil Desire Dual Weapon Lv. 42 or above
Lv. 50 Achievement Cube +10 Luriel’s Demon Dual Weapon Lv. 50 or above
Lv. 60 Achievement Cube +10 Luriel’s Eroded Abyss Dual Weapon Lv. 60 or above
Lv. 70 Achievement Cube +10 Luriel’s Magic Amulet (Lv.70)(7 days) Lv. 70 or above
  • Exchange with Ariel. As an alternative, the Fruit of Growth quest item can be exchanged for a 1-day EXP Boost Medal (100%) thru NPC Ariel.

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Note: All schedules are in Pacific Time (PDT).


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