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Diabolic Esper Arrives. Play Add!

By Andy (StrumSlinger)
Mon 30 Mar 2015 03:45:53 PM PDT

The next step for Time Tracer is here. Diabolic Esper is the much-awaited culmination of the Masters of Darkness series. The 2nd Job Change quests to become Diabolic Esper begin at Level 35. Play Add in Elsword Online!




Add completes the Dynamo upgrade using pure El energy, and with it takes a great leap back in time. But what waits for him in this past era is far from the world he once knew. He arrives in an alternate reality where his entire family was not slain. However, he is surprised to find a young man who appears to be the Add of this alternate reality… and he leads a happy and promising life.


Even with recalculations and many more attempts to go back to his own reality, Add keeps arriving in this other world. As his frustration grows, so does the insanity that has consumed him. Add is ultimately pushed to the brink. Now possessing the supernatural powers to distort time-space and gravity, it’s only a matter of time before he exploits the massive abilities he has acquired to bring the world to its dreadful end.


Look out for the 2nd Job Change quests starting at Level 35. Read up on some of Diabolic Esper’s featured skills.


 Mind Control

Diabolic Esper’s key passive skill enables Add to recover DP in Configuration Mode and MP in dissolution mode, as well as strengthen against debuffs—Stun, Confusion, Silence, Panic, Fear, Helplessness.

Configuration Mode – Awakened: 

6% DP recovery (2.5% chance)

Dissolution Mode – Normal:

6% MP recovery (2.5% chance)

Debuff time decrease: 20%


Time Control

This passive skill increases attack speed. There’s also a chance it will reduce the cooldown time of all Special Active skills.


Attack Speed Increase: 1%


Cooldown Time Decrease: 30%

(Activation Chance: 10%)



 Gravity Buster

This special active skill lets Add conjure up a wide range gravitational field, even in midair.


Gravitational Field (Magical Damage): 2505%


Over Limit Effect

-Configuration: Consumes 200 DP, Recovers 40 MP

-Dissolution: Consumes 200 MP, Recovers 40 DP


Dynamo Point Consumption

-Configuration: Uses up 1 Dynamo Point where each Dynamo Point used increases the skill’s damage by 10% (Skill can still be used without Dynamo Points)




Reach Level 65 to start learning this hyper active skill. Gather dimensional energy to cause an explosion and cracks in time and space, inflicting illusions of Fire, Water, and Poison upon enemies. Requires 1 El’s Essence (from right-clicking identified El Shards).


Time-space Explosion (Magical) : 1460%
Time-space Crack (Magical) : 2191% ×3

Crack Explosion (Magical) : 2922%



-Fire: Fire damage for 10 seconds

-Water : Weak continuous damage for 10 seconds, Decrease Attack/Movement speed, Increase Jump Speed
-Poison : Continuous poisonous damage for 10 seconds, Decrease Movement/Jump Speed





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