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Elsword BOOMS Into Arc

By Andy
Wed 11 Feb 2015 11:22:50 AM PST

Anime lovers assemble! Elsword slashes its way into the panels of Arc. Choose a unique hero to star in your own manga as you uncover their backstories, explore the anime-inspired world and experience the fast-paced action combat system. Each character is customizable through appearance and skills, ensuring no page is written the same.

Developed by KOG Studios, Elsword takes place in the land of Elrios, which has been protected and nurtured by the El Stone. When the El Stone is stolen, you and your party begin the journey through different regions across the world in order to recover it and bring the villain to justice.

Elsword is free to play, so get ready to KABOOM your way in.

Getting Started: If you have not downloaded Arc, you can do so here. After launching the Arc application, you will see Elsword under the Games tab. Simply click Learn More, followed by Play Now. This will activate the download. Once everything is downloaded, you can play the game directly from your library by clicking Play.


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