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New Character: Ain

By Elsword
Thu 22 Dec 2016 11:00:59 AM PST

KOG Games today announces the launch of Elsword’s newest character, Ain.
For the first time in KOG history, a character is being launched within a week of his launch on the home server in Korea.
Basically, Ain is completely unknown and he’s shaking things up around the world!

Eons back, Ain was sent by the Goddess to descend upon Elrios and the Tree of El. War between the denizens of Elrios was in full swing; prompting the great explosion. This explosion tore through the veil of existence in its entirety, sending Ain reeling through time. Present Day: Standing before the El Search party, Ain introduces himself as a priest serving the Goddess, an angelic figure of uncertain power and an unknown motive. The strikingly attractive and enigmatic character with a purpose and presence that transcends time.

Ain is an unorthodox caster class. Once in-game, it’s apparent that he practices magic on a different level that Elsword players have ever experienced before. His weapon is a pendulum, and he enters the fray by summoning and projecting ethereal weapons from the God's Realm.
He doesn’t need to keep enemies at bay with his magic. Instead, Ain keeps his opponents right where he wants them, and that’s wherever he decides they need to be. Ain is all about controlling his opponent’s position by restricting their options.

Ain has an all new, special system which allows him to change his attack method with two completely different modes:

  • Cycle Mode allows Ain to access to his skills faster by lowering the cooldown and MP cost of all his skills. Additionally, it also endows Ain with the ability to repeatedly dash through the air, at lightning speed, and break out of enemy combos at half the cost.
  • Creation Mode enhances all of Ain’s combos and commands. This gives him the ability to deal immense damage by infusing his attacks with heavenly firepower.

To summarize, Cycle Mode is all about utility while Creation Mode is all about dishing out damage.

As well, Ain will be receiving his first Job Line; a first for an Elsword character launch. Players will not only be able to enjoy a new character, they get to fully experience and play through one of 3 paths to Ain’s end game.

A heavenly amount a great events and prizes will be hosted in-game and on Elsword’s official FB page and Forums. As well, the amazingly talented composer Maks_SF is lending his gift of music to Elsword as he brings the angelic Ain to life in this new video – Watch: HERE


Come play Ain. Play Elsword. Play your Manga.

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