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Champions Online

Champions Online: How to Play Medusa

By Alex | Thu 17 Sep 2015 08:00:00 AM PDT

About Medusa 

Madeline Bruner started off as an accountant under the brilliant scientist Sebastian Poe who was working on a secret project. It wasn’t her dream job, but she likely money and information, and the ability to manipulate both to her advantage. It wasn’t long before Madeline figured out what Sebastian was developing a serum to increase psionic powers, which he used to increase his own abilities. Madeline was fascinated by the concept and set herself up to seduce the scientist in order to gain this potential for herself. 

After injecting herself with Sebastian’s serum, she gained a host of psionic abilities. She was able to paralyze her victims with her mind, shoot psionic lances, manifest psychic swords in close combat, and even cloud her presence in the minds of others. Madeline and Sebastian eventually married, and decided to use their newfound abilities to seize power and wealth. She started calling herself Medusa at that time, after her ability to paralyze her foes with her mind. 

Gathering other people with psionic abilities into the group known as PSI, they decided to use their powers to take over key criminal enterprises in Baltimore. Eventually a powerful young psionic named Psimon took over control of PSI, and Medusa left Sebastian to be with him. To further their plans, Medusa convinced Psimon to move their organization to the outskirts of Millennium City where they created a shell corporation known as Mind, Inc. There they used counselors to scan clients for potential psionic ability to recruit into PSI, or to steal any information they can use for criminal activities. 

How to Play Medusa 

Medusa is a telepath who can forcibly dominate her foes, paralyzing their minds. Medusa is most powerful when she focuses on a foe and applies Mind Spikes as fast as she can. The more times she stuns a foe, the more powers she will gain access to. 

Medusa has limited damage, but she excels at killing foes who are suffering from her paralysis. She is most powerful when her powers are used in concert to quickly apply Mind Spikes to a primary target who she then kills immediately. Medusa also has the ability to blind all foes to her presence with her Mind Warp. 

She becomes invisible and moves rapidly around the landscape, letting her set up ambushes or hide from foes temporarily. 

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