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Champions Online

Champions Online: Supervillain Onslaught: Gravitar

By Alex | Thu 03 Sep 2015 01:20:50 PM PDT

About Gravitar

Even when she was a child, Erica d’Monstressart was always regarded as gifted. Born into a wealthy family, from an early age she displayed an intelligence, social sense, and beauty that made her the envy (or subject of admiration) of everyone who knew her.

But Erica was more gifted than even her most ardent admirers suspected. When she was still young, she discovered she had a strange ability no one else did — she could manipulate gravity. Smart enough to realize she shouldn’t tell anyone about this, or show off her abilities in public, she kept her superpowers a secret.

Given her power, and the way she was used to getting what she wanted when she wanted it, it would come as no surprise to an expert in super-criminal psychology that the idea of ruling the world crept into her head as she got older. Disguising herself with a mask, she began to test her powers against the police, and then the army, and eventually other superhumans. She never found anything that could significantly challenge her.

Deciding it was time to declare herself to the world, in early 2000 she adopted the moniker Gravitar and designed a distinctive costume. She chose to start at the top, attacking and attempting to conquer the city of New York. The result was a battle with a local super-team that tore up a huge section of Central Park and knocked over one skyscraper. When she realized she couldn’t breeze to victory the way she had in the past, she knocked the heroes away from her with a powerful gravitic pulse and fled at top speed.

For the next several years Gravitar lashed out at the world at random, seemingly still intent on conquering it but not taking her quest very seriously. She battled UNTIL, numerous superhero teams, and even villains such as Mechanon, defeating most of them handily. At best the forces of law and order could hope to drive her away in a petulant huff after thwarting her temporarily. Gravitar has recently chosen Millennium City as her new playground.

How to Play Gravitar

Gravitar's powerful gravity manipulation allows her to bind foes who wander too close to her primary target. Each time she attacks her target she applies Gravity Well, which slowly pulls in nearby players. The more stacks of Gravity Well she applies the more potent this pull becomes, until it cannot be escaped.

Many of her powers interact directly with her Gravity Well, and as she consumes stacks of Gravity Well from her targets she gains access to more potent abilities. Applying Gravity Wells to many targets to restrict their movement allows her to control the battle with her area of effect powers.

Gravitar can also use her gravity control to temporarily fly incredibly quickly.

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