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Champions Online

Free Form Slots & More Discounted!

By trailturtle | Thu 23 Apr 2015 09:00:00 AM PDT

Hey Champions! This weekend we are running a customization sale that will see 15% discounts on items like Free Form Character slots, Retrain tokens and more for you to customize your Champions the way you want. Our sale will run from Friday, April 24 at 9:30 am PDT to Monday, April 27 at 9:00 am PDT. This sale will also coincide with our 15% Charge Bonus, allowing you to get more Zen for additional customization options. 


Here's a quick breakdown of the items on sale:

Freeform Character Slot - 15% off - Freeform Slots allow you to create a new character and cherrypick powers from any of the power frameworks, instead of having to pick one Archetype. When you get a freeform slot, you’ll have one new slot you can create a new character in, and that character will always have freeform power choice. Whether you’re Gold or not, that character will always be freeform, now and forever.

Retrain Token - 15% off - Retrain Tokens change your Archetype, allowing you to switch between different Archetypes and Freeforms.

Full Retcon Token - 15% off - A Retcon can be used to reset all your powers if you've figured out that perfect build.


Additional Items on Sale:

  • Resource Cap Increase - 15% off
  • Shared Bank Slot(s) (1/5/10/20) - 15% off
  • Account Costume Slots (2) - 15% off
  • Aura Slot(s) (1/3) - 15% off
  • Aura Storage Slots (20/100) - 15% off
  • Bank Slots (40) - 15% off
  • Costume Slot - 15% off
  • Invetory Bag Slot  - 15% off
  • Market Slots (10) - 15% off
  • Rename Token - 15% off
  • Character Slots (2) - 15% off



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