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Champions Online

Foxbat Lockbox & Key Sale

By trailturtle | Thu 02 Apr 2015 10:00:00 AM PDT


It's a huge weekend for Foxbat fans: We've brought in a brand-new lockbox, plus we've discounted lockbox keys 20% for this weekend! Both singletons and ten-packs of keys are discounted, bringing solo keys to 80 ZEN and ten-packs to 720 ZEN.

Start: 4/2 @ 10am PDT

End: 4/6 @ 10am PDT


The Foxbat movie franchise is getting a new entry soon, a crossover with Defender* himself! To promote the upcoming Foxbat v Defender film, the film studio has scattered Foxbat v Defender lockboxes throughout the world – defeat villains to get them, or claim them from Questionite store.

Each lockbox contains one random prize. Opening a lockbox consumes a Cosmic Key of Power, available in the C-Store. Make sure to get your prizes before this awesome lockbox rotates out!


In the film, Defender has a sleek new costume set, and you can win the set for yourself! The Defender 2015 Costume includes 8 costume pieces, perfect for your soldier, sci-fi and power armor heroes. 


It wouldn’t be a Foxbat movie without some crazy cockamamie concoction, and in this film, it’s the Rocket Bull vehicle.

It is exactly what it sounds like.

This mechanical bull with a pulse laser and rocket engine built into it is a Mark 2 vehicle, perfect for laying waste to villains in open-world areas with its Singularity Bomb Mk 2 and Gravity Pulse Mark 1 weapons. It comes with the 10% lockbox vehicle buff, as well as 4 weapon slots, 2 defensive slots, and 2 support slots.


Want more costume pieces? You can also win the Plated Bull Mask, with the same design as on the Rocket Bull.


Legion Gear is incredibly powerful, and is only available in lockboxes. With four slots for MODs, its stats can be extremely high, allowing you to specialize to exactly the build you want. This gear is level-appropriate, so you may want to open it on a Level 40 character.


Remember: Every lockbox you open also gives you a random boost – XP, Resource, or Crafting Skill – plus at least two Drifter Salvage. Trade in Salvage for exclusive rewards, like special vehicles, legacy devices, and more!

This lockbox will only be available for a limited time, heroes. Make sure to get your prizes before it’s too late!



*Defender may not actually be Defender. Defender may be played by an actor hired to play the role of Defender. Defender does not have the film rights to the Defender character.

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