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Champions Online

Resource Cap Increase (Now Live!)

By trailturtle | Fri 16 Jan 2015 05:45:37 PM PST


Hey folks, got some cool news about something you guys have been asking about for a while. RadioScience made it his priority this month to get a Quality of Life improvement out this month, and we’re proud to pull back the curtain on it: a resource cap increase for Silver players.

Coming very soon, we’re going to be releasing a C-Store item that’ll let Silvers increase their resource cap. In addition, we’re increasing the default Silver cap for free as a bonus to everyone.


The resource cap for Silver players has been an inconvenience for a long time, forcing even veteran players to take item sales out of the auction house. That’s an inconvenience that we’ve wanted to resolve for a while. RadioScience dug into the code and figured out how to make this work, so if you’re one of the many who’ve been asking for this, you know who to thank. :D

Step 1: General increase. Currently, all Silver players have a resource cap of 250G; we’re increasing that to 500G.

Step 2: C-Store item to increase the cap. For 500 ZEN, Silver players will be able to increase the cap to 200,000 G, pretty close to the technical maximum the engine can allow per character. This is an account-wide unlock. (If you’ve played STO, this works the same as an item they’ve had for a while, in that it can only be purchased by Silvers.)


Note: In order to make this change, we had to minorly alter the Gold cap, also to 200,000 G. No one should be affected – raise your hand if you know anyone walking around with 2000 keys’ worth of Gs – but we wanted to let people know. If you somehow have that many Gs, please split them up so that you don’t have more than 200,000 on one character. If you have more than that when the change happens, those Gs will be lost and not recoverable. Essentially, we lowered the cap Gold from Infinity to Every Star in Every Known Galaxy.

(Also note that, in order for it to take effect, you'll need to log out and back in after buying the cap increase.)


We’re planning to release this next Thursday, 1/22. It’s already passed our QA, but there’s always room for something to go wrong; if we discover any issues and have to delay, we’ll let you know. Thanks everyone for letting us know how much you wanted this change, we’re glad we were able to help out!

-The Champions Online team

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