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Champions Online

Lifetime Offers

By DwightMC
Thu 12 Dec 2013 09:16:33 AM PST

Become a Liftetime Gold Member for Just $299.99!

Millennium City will always need heroes, and here's your chance to commit to saving the world forever. With a Lifetime Subscription, you can play Champions Online forever, never pay a monthly subscription fee and enjoy all the benefits of Gold Membership!

But the perks of a lifetime subscription extend beyond just a great savings opportunity. We've also bundled in special features for Lifetime Subscribers as tokens of appreciation. Here are some of the benefits we've extended to our Lifetime players:

  1. Lifetime Subscribers receive all the benefits of Gold Members in perpetuity, without ever paying a monthly fee again!
  2. Foxbat Action Figure - A miniature version of Foxbat to accompany you in game.
  3. Art Deco/Art Deco Future Costume Sets - Two free costume sets, original to Champions Online's launch.
  4. Eight character slots - Create eight different heroes.
  5. The VIP room - The VIP room in Club Caprice is restricted to Lifetime Subscribers and Champions veterans.
  6. Exclusive costume piece - Just visit a tailor in game to add it to your current hero.
  7. "Vanguard" Perk and title - Show off that you're committed to Champions Online for the duration.
  8. Forum goodies - Change the color of your handle and show off that Vanguard title on the forums, too.

To purchase a lifetime subscription, simply click the "Buy Now" button below!




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