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Champions Online

The Reprint Event and Freeform Sale!

By Ambassador Kael | Thu 08 Dec 2022 08:00:00 AM PST

Champions! It's time to go the past! We're launching a brand new type of event this week, the Reprint Event! It's a chance for you to experience the rewards of past events, for one week only. From December 9th to December 16th, the following will all be in effect:

  • All the Event Stores will be available in the Recognition area in Renaissance Center!
  • Any enemy in the game can drop event currency!
  • The Drifter will have all event currencies available for purchase!


This may be your last shot at some of these items for a while, so don't delay, Champions. Dive into a back issue bin, and take advantage of the Reprint Event this week!


Do you want a little more customization when creating a character? Looking to match your champion’s powers with its costume? Freeform Slots are the perfect option for those champions looking to have full customization over their hero, and this week you can save 20% off freeform slots, until December 15th.

Freeform Slots allow you to create a new character and cherry-pick powers from any of the power frameworks, instead of having to pick one Archetype. Freeform Slots are 20% off this week for 2400 ZEN (Normally 3000 ZEN).

When you get a freeform slot, you’ll have one new slot you can create a new character in, and that character will always have freeform power choice. Whether you’re a Lifetime Subscriber or not, that character will always be freeform, now and forever. And now, you can apply that freeform slot to existing characters, taking a character you might have built with archetypes and giving them true freedom.


Charge ZEN now and pick up the latest items on the C-Store. Or get a Lifetime Subscription, for access to Lifetime Rewards, exclusive costumes and more!

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