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Champions Online

Masters of the Multiverse Costume Contest!

By Ambassador Kael | Fri 20 Aug 2021 09:00:00 AM PDT

Champions don't just come from Millenium City. Heck, Champions don't just come from Earth. Heroes come from all corners of the galaxy, and even all corners of every Galaxy. It's time to celebrate that, with the Masters of the Multiverse Costume Contest! Come decked out in a costume that you feel fits the theme. Is it a variant of your regular hero? Is it a musclebound, sword weilding hero from a far off planet? You decide!

We'll be doing a live streamed costume contest on August 27th, judged by some of the developers that work on Champions Online! Head to the Powerhouse Theater to participate! Judging begins at 3:30pm PT, and the contest begins at 4!

You can watch the show live on the Champions Online Facebook Page, or on our Twitch Channel!

There will be three winners and ten runners up. Here's how the prizes break down:

Our Top Three will win:

  • Contest Special Item Voucher
  • Contest Heroic Item Voucher
  • Contest Honorable Item Voucher
  • And two Dev Tokens!
  • Unique Title: "The Chosen One"


And Ten Honorable Mentions will win:

  • Two Contest Honorable Item Vouchers
  • And two Dev Tokens!


And everyone who participates will receive the title: "Castle Defender"


I hear you asking "What are those?" and not just about my shoes. The Heroic Voucher will offer you a choice of rare lockbox costumes from the past, while the Honorable Voucher will offer you a choice of rare individual costume pieces from lockboxes of the past! We'll see you at the Powerhouse Theater, Champions!



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