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Champions Online

Changing Archery's Target

By Ambassador Kael | Thu 20 May 2021 09:00:00 AM PDT

"We can take him! He's only got a bow and arrrrrrrgh."

-Last words of Henchman #27

The Archer is a classic superhero archetype - the unerring marksman who stands against threats great and small with only her incredible training and one of mankind's earliest weapons. We're a big fan of the classic bow weilders, like the Scarlet Archers, but for a long time now, the Archery power set hasn't been up to our standards in Champions Online. That's why we've taken the time to completely rework it, bringing archers into the modern era of Champions. In addition to a number of smaller changes, the set it now much more focused on crowd control, and has a new, high damage power. Check out how this overhaul works, below.


Power Changes

  • Archery
  • Straight Shot
    •  No longer applies the effect that increases archery damage for the next 2 hits.
    •  Now has a chance of applying Root based on charge time.
    •  Split the Arrow advantage: Changed to apply Armor Piercing when fully charging the power.
    •  New Advantage (1): Applies Download to you.
    •  New Advantage (2): Chance to apply Disorient to target.


  • Taser Arrow
    •  Moved to Crowd Control.
    •  Must now be fully charged.
    •  Removed energy reduction effect.
    •  New Advantage (2): Creates a Static Field on the target.
    •  New Advantage (2): Applies Superconductor to the target.


  • Sonic Arrow
    •  Moved to Crowd Control.
    •  Added 10 second cooldown.
    •  Increased target cap to 5.
    •  Stuns targets if not fully charged.
    •  Paralyzes targets if fully charged.
    •  Deadly Dissonance Advantage: Now Applies Deafening to your primary target.  Applies to additional targets when fully charged.


  • Gas Arrow
    • Fixed an issue where the Noxious Fumes advantage wasn't counting the Stun as your own.


  • Torrent of Arrows
    •  Now has an innate chance to Knockdown targets.
    •  Removed cooldown.
    •  This power was using an outdated damage/cost calculation, and its cost has gone up dramatically.
    •  Relentless Recurve Advantage: changes the Knockdown to Knockback.
    •  New Advantage (2): Applies Armor Piercing to primary target.  If other targets are affected by Disorient, applies Armor Piercing to them as well.


  • Storm of Arrows
    •  Fixed an issue with the animation looping improperly.
    •  Fixed an issue where the arrows were using the wrong texture.
    •  Removed cooldown.
    •  Achilles Heel Advantage: Fixed an issue where the root was not being refreshed every hit.
    •  New Advantage (2): Chance to apply Disorient to targets.


  • Focused Shot
    • Successfully using this power reduces the charge time of the power.  Stacks up to 3 times.  The effect is removed when you take damage.  Does not stack with other Chargespeed reduction effects.


  • Hunter's Instinct
    •  Scaling changed from Ego to Intelligence.
    •  Now restores energy over time.


  • Explosive Arrow
    •  Now has a chance to Knock targets.
    •  This power was using an outdated damage/cost calculation, and its cost has gone up dramatically.
    •  New Advantage (2): Leaves behind a Pyre Patch.
    •  New Advantage (1): Changes the Fire damage portion of this attack to crushing.  This also applies to the Where's the Kaboom? advantage.
    •  Where's the Kaboom? Advantage: Damage for this was originally fixed despite power rank and diminished with additional targets.  The damage now scales with charge time and no longer diminishes with additional targets.
    •  Where's the Kaboom? advantage: Increased Fire damage amount and lowered the Piercing damage amount.


  • Quarry
    •  Removed Fair Game advantage.
    •  Added passive icon.


  • Snap Shot
    •  Moved to T0.
    •  Now a combo power (different animations are currently not in place).
    •  Damage and cost adjusted for being a T0 combo power.
    •  Applies Disorient when finishing the combo.
    •  Finish Him Advantage: Changed to apply bonus damage to all Archery powers when the target is at low health.
    •  New Advantage (2): Applies Floating Lotus Blossom to you.
    •  New Advantage (2): Refreshes Armor Piercing.


  • New Power: Fair Game
    •  Tier 2 Archery
    •  Applies a heal over time when you defeat a target.  Stacks up to 5 times.
    •  Scales with Intelligence and Dexterity.
    •  Advantage (2): Applies the Lithe buff to you when you defeat a target.


  • New Power: Rapid Shots
    •  Tier 3 Archery
    •  Maintained single target damage.
    •  Chance to snare targets.
    •  Advantage (2): Increases base damage of power, but you can no longer move while using.


  • New Power: Caltrops
    •  Tier 2 Archery
    •  Area damage over time
    •  Places Caltrops in front of you, dealing Piercing damage and snaring enemies.
    •  Advantage (2): Chance to cause targets in the Caltrops to starting Bleeding.


  • New Power: Desperate Shot
    •  Tier 1 Archery
    •  Single target damage.  Increased damage when a critical hit.
    •  If used while under 50% health, deals double damage and stuns.
    •  10 second cooldown.
    •  Advantage (2): Applies Restoration. 


  • New Power: Precision 
    •  Tier 1 Archery
    •  Form
    •  Grants a stack of Analyze whenever you get a critical hit with a damaging Archery ability.
    •  Scales with Intelligence


  • New Power: Medical Arrow
    •  Tier 1 Archery
    •  Creates a healing rune on the target.
    •  Advantage (2): Disorients target.
    •  Advantage (2): Applies Illuminated to target, and Illumination to allies near the target.
    •  Advantage (1): Applies Download to you.



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