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Torchlight 3

Steam Minor Patch - February 2nd, 2021

By Echtra_Bean | Mon 01 Feb 2021 11:07:22 AM PST

Fixes for several quests, the Humble Quest bug, and other player-reported issues. 

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Good Morning Hyvid Hackers!

This hotfix for Steam has some additional fixes for the Snow & Steam update. These fixes will be reviewed on the Steam platform and then released to consoles within the next couple of weeks (pending console certification).

We will be preparing an additional set of hotfixes after this batch is released to consoles and we are still busy working on a larger content update (with additional quality of life improvements) that will be released when it's ready.

Until then, thank you for continuing to cleanse the frontier of Netherim and we’ll see you in Trevail Point soon!

- Echtra Bean


• Fixed the Terms of Service/Privacy Policy that cannot be scrolled through on Console.


• Fixed several server crashes.

The Power Line

• Moved an Ancient Cache chest prop that was able to appear behind a path blocking quest prop.


• Fixed "Tutorial: From a Humble Seed" getting stuck with no other objectives/tasks.
• Fixed the “Silky Threads” Dungeon quest that was not possible to finish on a specific seed.
• Removed "Clue" from quest item drops in "The Artifact" story quest. This was an optional quest item that is not needed to progress the story.
• Fixed an issue where the player cannot complete Power Up due to missing Ancient Caches for Ember Generator Manual for the Cheat Codes mapworks quest.
• Repositioned the goblin fishing spot (and spawner for Ol' Wormfingers) at the end of the goblin river run mapworks area to address situations specific to this area where he would spawn out in the water. Shrank the spawner area attached to the goblin fishing spot and moved it closer so that it can all fit into a tighter space. This affects all seeds/locations within this area that the fishing spot can appear.


• Fixed the Random Fort Decoration bags that were not showing their preview window when claimed.


• Fixed an issue where the items that are automatically equipped when picked up in the Fazeer’s lose their Challenge Bonus.


• Fixed the broken number that appears on the Snow & Steam contract once it’s completed.


• Fixed some cases where placing the Luck Sprout in your fort prevented players from interacting with it.
• Fixed an exploit found with Multiplayer Wardrobes.


• Fixed an issue where the narrator would wrongly tell you that your pet was badly wounded, even when in town.

Dusk Mage

• Fixed an issue where the player can obtain a +75% damage buff that does not fade away until the end of the play session by allowing minions from the relic skills to disappear inside the Consecration area of effect.


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