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Torchlight 3

“Snow & Steam” Update Preview

By Echtra_Bean | Wed 25 Nov 2020 09:00:00 AM PST

Winter themed pets & fort decorations, new legendary gear, Fazeer improvements, Forged rework, fort updates, transmog, pet enhancements, bug fixes, and more!

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Happy Wednesday Yapper slappers!

I have been bursting at the seams and can finally share a few details about the upcoming ‘Snow & Steam’ update. This update focuses on new winter-themed items and steamy updates for Forged and Fazeer’s Dun’djinn. While I am not sharing EVERYTHING that will be in the upcoming update (we want to leave a few surprises in your holiday stocking), here are a few of the fun things we can preview about this upcoming patch.


We’ve added a new ‘Snow & Steam’ Contract with a large assortment of winter-themed pets and fort decorations! Among the list of items that can be obtained are snow based decorations for your fort, an Ugly Sweater Cat variant, and an assortment of consumable and currency based rewards. During this update, the recently added spooky pets will become unavailable to find on the frontier, but may return again after the ‘Snow & Steam’ season has passed.

This Holiday tree will bring some festive feelings into your snow-covered forts!

This time-limited contract will only be available during the holiday season, but the items will be permanently available to players who obtain them during that time.


The winter season is also blowing in additional ice-sharp legendary weapons to the game. A new Mace, Sword, Shield, Focus, and armor set will be available to players to find on the frontier.

Which cool new weapon brings chills to your spine, Glacier's Edge or The North Mace?

These new legendary items are permanent additions to the game and can only be found by characters at end game levels (47-60).


The Forged class is getting a major rework in this update. Not only will you notice new elements for the HUD, but several skills have been changed and the general approach for Forged has received a bit of a makeover to make it a more interesting and viable class.

Steam raises Movement speed and is spent on Basic Attacks and some skills.

We will be revealing more of the details about these updates in the patch notes when they become publicly available. Speaking of makeovers…

This Forged is ready for their big style update!

The Style Station will be available once you have unlocked your fort and will be able to transform your drabby, last-season duds into a fresh, new fashion statement. Don’t have room for this new decoration in your current fort layout? No problem!

What will you hide down in your new fort basement?

Fort basements have been added to expand upon your current setup; now you can enjoy the extra space without worrying about having to cram everything you own all on the top floor. And while we are on the subject of forts...

Who is that giving us a chilly stare over the wall?

In addition to forts having new storage via the basement, you can now move your fort decorations vertically, which means you can now place objects on top of other objects with ease. No more candles just laying all over the floor!

Welcome to your Throne Fazeer!

Improvements are coming to Fazeer’s Dun’djinn including more variety of affixes, a revamped quest system (no more missing quest items!), and increased rewards/difficulty. We have all the details in the patch notes once the update is live.

Goblin’s know I’ve desperately needed this feature in my Ridiculous playthroughs.

And that’s not all! There are also enhancements coming to pets, including an option to have your pets fetch potions, impressive pet cages, and more pet skills. We’ve also got a bunch of updates lined up to address drop rates, itemization, movement skills, and a whole lot of bugs.

This update is expected to drop sometime in mid-December and all the extra details will come alongside the patch notes once publicly available. As always, thank you for your feedback and bug reports, and we’ll see you in a new wintery frontier soon!

- Echtra Bean

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