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Torchlight 3

Steam, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 Minor Patch - November 4th, 2020

By Echtra_Bean | Wed 04 Nov 2020 09:17:28 AM PST

A patch to resolve spooky pet drop issues, incorrect Contract rewards, and Luck Tree issues.

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Good morning frontier fighters!

This morning we have a hotfix to address a few critical issues including fixing repeating quest issues that commonly occurred with the Luck Tree and left players with an excessive amount of sprouts in their fort inventory. Additionally we are fixing both spooky pets so they will start to drop now (as intended) and the Contracts that were accidentally replaced with older, incorrect data.

We are currently reviewing other critical issues and are compiling reported bugs and known issues for another larger, upcoming update. 

Please continue to report bugs to and to so that we can further investigate and address them as time/priority permits - we really, really appreciate it!

We hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday and we’ll see you again in Trevail Point soon.

- Echtra Bean



• Xbox Series X compatibility mode implemented.
• Fixed an issue where game updates that are data only can break Singleplayer save files if taken offline.


• Fixed the Contract data to update it to the appropriate (intended) rewards. Blue Gear Bags have once again replaced Legendary Gear Bags.


• Fixed spooky pets that were not dropping as they should have. These are permanent additions to the game and you can find them randomly in pet cages throughout the world.


• Fixed an issue where certain quests were repeating indefinitely. This occurred most commonly with the Humble Seed (Luck Tree) quest. 



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