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Torchlight 3

Mainline Patch - October 6th, 2020

By SoFech | Tue 06 Oct 2020 10:00:00 AM PDT

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Good morning frontier!

Welcome to the last update before we launch to the world and multiple platforms on October 13th! We are very excited for our Early Access players to have this update and the launch version one-week ahead of the rest of the world and platforms. You will be the ushers and mentors for those who start playing for the very first time on October 13th.

This patch concludes our major Early Access updates and we are so thankful and appreciative for the support, bug reports, feedback, memes, streams, poems, and alpaca pics you’ve sent our way! The community’s help and guidance through our development process and Early Access has been invaluable for us. Here are the details for the final Early Access ‘Mainline’ patch, “Welcome to the Frontier”.

- Echtra Bean

This is the last account wipe for Torchlight III! All account data (other than Alpha and Early Access gifts) will be wiped from your account and you will start fresh alongside everyone else in Early Access. To reiterate: there are no more wipes remaining.

Single-player mode is now available via the main-menu. It does not require an internet connection to play, but still relies on Steam in order to play.

You will now be able to play Singleplayer without restrictions, but you will notice some differences when playing Singleplayer.

There are a few updates for Forged to check out, most notably the Brawl tree skill unlocks have been changed, Vortex Bomb can no longer be interrupted, and there are several skill updates that you can read about below.

There are several updates to Forged in this patch, including skill tuning and changes to unlock order.

The UI scaling option now works without needing to restart the game client.

After the larger review of difficulties, including drop rates, increased ‘Gear Luck’ has been re-instituted for higher difficulties. Read the patch notes below for details on each difficulty’s increased gear luck bonuses.

Playing on Ridiculous will now earn you 20% bonus gear luck.

Adventurer's Luck now applies to players with party members in the same instanced area instead of applying strictly by distance.


  • Single-player unlocked and now available.


  • Fixed hitch caused by Spectral Spider when its first tier bonus is unlocked.
  • Hitch fixed by adding the spawn/despawn effects to the preload assets for Bane's enchanted staff summon.
  • Fixed disconnect caused by placing some fort decorations like the Luck Tree or Grindy Mill.
  • Champion Teleport affixes don't cause a big hitch anymore.
  • Reduced hitches when actors are replicated from the server.
  • Fixed a hitch related to loading wardrobes.
  • Changed party member and pet portraits to load async to avoid hitching.
  • Effects Quality now scales how many particles are emitted and simulated, which improves performance for machines that need it. 
  • Fixed instances of finding frozen monsters frequently when not in the same immediate area as the rest of the party.
  • Critter spawner performance adjustments.
  • Fixed a crash in the chat channel code.
  • Fixed an infinite loading screens during portal to party members.


  • Removed reference to Early Access from Welcome Screen.
  • Updated the Welcome screen Sharpshooter image to look crisper.
  • Updating Steam splash image to match other platforms.
  • More Post Process Material refinement.


  • UI scaling feature now working without restarting the game client.
  • Moved the Report Fort button into the options menu; now only appears when in another players' fort. This is intended to help report inappropriate forts or fort owner names.
  • Players can now send and receive Voice Chat while in loading screens and during cutscenes. 
  • The Voice Chat: Who’s-Speaking indicator now appears as an overlay on all screens. We do not show the speaking indicator overlay if the device is muted.


  • Increased the font size on the mini-map markers.
  • Fixed an issue where when the minimap is not displayed the area name can overlap notification icons.


  • Fixed an issue where Quest Icons don't get occlusion/select post process material.
  • Moved fort decoration item name so that it doesn’t overlap with the fort decoration menu.
  • Fixed War Planning Table icon as to not spill out of the frame.
  • Gambler: Added icons for one handed, 2 handed ranged weapons and 2 handed weapons.

User Interface 

  • Fixed an issue where you could revive at the dungeon entrance for free in mapworks dungeons.
  • Fixed an issue where difficulties of friends are displayed inconsistently between Steam Friends and Nearby Players in the Social Menu.
  • Updated the message that displays when a player sends an invite to another player who is offline.
  • Fixed an issue where Hardcore players werenot noted as such in the social menu.
  • Fixed an issue where the player cannot invite a friend to the party via the 'Invite to Party' option after clicking on their nickname in the chat.
  • Fixed an issue when members of a party are not within the same level, their party icon displays them as dead. 
  • Fixed an issue where party members appear offline in game, but are online in Steam, after you exit and return.
  • Fixed incoming Party Invitation options that did not have the same options as provided in the Social Menu.
  • Added a generic 2-button confirmation window anytime a player tries to accept a party invite with a valid PartyId and is not in town or an open arena.
  • Panel blur is now sorted correcltly and no longer blurs the panel edge decor.
  • Fixed an issue where the Arc unlink button is always greyed out.
  • Fixed an issue where players can't scroll down to see other quests in UI.
  • Warning dialog when leaving a Map Scroll mapworks dungeon warns about leaving a Phase Dungeon, has now been changed to just "Dungeon".
  • Localized non-class weapons and non-class armor Legendarium tab titles.
  • Fixed an issue where Relic energy cost of the skill is not displayed properly in three languages.
  • Fixed localization errors found on the character select screen.
  • New localization pass, bringing the game strings to 100% localized.
  • Updated Legendarium tab to better reflect class items not being in armor/weapon tabs.
  • Reduced the preview size of the "Pleasing Evergreen Tree" fort prop from the Homesteader's Contract to about half the preview size.
  • Updated typo/punctuation in the "Lake Lord's Beacon" random boss encounter place name.
  • Fix to an issue where the UI highlight was shown when viewing fort decoration items closely.
  • Updated banners for the three Contracts.
  • Fixed an issue where the Goblin Fury displays a redundant button tooltip upon interacting with it


  • Updated the d-pad icon for "Send Pet to Town Vendor" to the correct one (up instead of down). 
  • Fixed targeting issues on skills mapped to some alternate gamepad buttons.
  • Fixed an issue where the targeting indicator fails to appear after setting up your skills with only location/direction skills. 


  • We now prevent players from accessing portals meant to portal to themselves.
  • Fixed portal-to-party only taking you to the area, not to the player, when you do it from town. 
  • Fixed an issue where Phase Beast Dungeons don't put you back where the portal generated.
  • Fixed instances where players could get stuck in Phase Dungeons by way of portaling to a party member. 
  • Fixed an issue where there is a possibility to create a portal inside the dungeon but using it teleports the player to the place from where they entered.


  • Reduced the damage from hazards a bit (20 - 40%) to leave some room at high challenge levels to further increase damage values, hopefully without making them one-shot you. 


  • Fixed Sadista intro triggering again if the player dies and respawns in the area or goes to the previous area and re-enters the boss area.
  • Fixed Sadista's intro cinematic triggering several times.
  • Updated Hyvid first time cinematic.
  • Updated Echonok first time cinematic.

Towns & Forts

  • Texture updates for Rando and Wilfur.
  • Added some smoke to the prison area in burning Trevail Point.
  • Reduced the number of critters in Trevail Point, McTyre's Cove, and Echo Landing.
  • Increased the time between critter wandering.
  • Fixed some empty spaces found in the surrounding areas of the fort in Act 3.

Boss Arenas

  • Fixed a green monster spawner that was visibly present in Krronk boss arena.
  • Removed breakables found right before entering the Secret Weapon arena.
  • Updated extra piece of map found in the Trial of Strength arena.

Edgewood Bluff

  • Fixed an issue where the mini-map shows the underground layout of the Old Stone Quarry.
  • Fixed a mini-map issue.
  • The mini-map incorrectly shows an untraversable area on a specific seed even though the player can walk through it.
  • Fixed artifact found on edge of map.
  • Cleaned up the area.
  • Fixed tree clipping.
  • Fixed nav mesh issues.
  • Added a permanent chest and statue to an empty area.

Heroes’ Rest

  • Moved quest grave markers to a better location.

Den of Upheaval

  • Fixed weird blur on spider web.
  • Moved boss chest a bit.
  • Moved some clickables found in the arena to look a little less odd.
  • Removed clickable to close to warp pad.
  • Removed a nav blocker to allow better travel.

Trevail Passage

  • Fixed floating trees.
  • Fixed visible water edge.
  • Rotated stone arch a bit.

Fields of Unrest

  • Moved a shrine to a better location.
  • Moved a barrel to a better location.
  • Fixed exploring barrel that clips through the ground.
  • Fixed a hole in the world.

The Chasm

  • Fixed weird dip in ground.

Firebelly Village

  • Moved lore node a bit so it’s not so obstructed.
  • Fixed the rotation of a door smoke VFX for Excavated Workshop.
  • Fixed a minor floor seem error.
  • Moved a breakable that was somewhat unreachable.

Overgrown Trek

  • Fixed the size of a door VFX for Firebelly village.

Firebelly Stronghold

  • Fixed a visible hole in the world.

Thorned Ingress

  • Moved warp out away from the Boss chest.

The Kennel

  • Moved a clickable that clipped through some rocks a bit.

Watcher’s Thicket

  • Fixed treehouse prop/spawner doesn't occlude along with the tree leaves.

Lake Gobdunk

  • Moved a warp VFX down that was floating too far above ground.
  • Fixed weird intercepting rock.

Hidden Falls

  • Fixed an environment gap.
  • Fixed hole above waterfall in specific spot.
  • Fixed floating foliage.

Guarded Path

  • Fixed a broken nav mesh near a rock.
  • Fixed a mini-map seam issue.
  • Rotated lore object.

Belly of the Beast

  • Removed a breakable found before the boss arena.
  • Fixed visible hole in entrance.

Polluted Plateau

  • Moved a shrine that was obstructed.
  • Fixed issue where players can walk through wood boards in a specific spot.

Hyvid Tunnels

  • Fixed tentacles you can walk into.

Venomous Nest

  • Fixed visible hole in ground.

Bogwood Hollow

  • Fixed a mini-map issue.
  • Moved lore object out of tent.
  • Updated odd door frame.
  • Fixed an issue where the playable character can collapse under the ground and walk through a tree stump on a specific seed.

Foetid Footpath

  • Fixed decals that cover the stump too much on a tree.

Hyvid Capital

  • Rotated lore node a bit.

Grand Hall

  • Updated door so that it opens when the player is further away from it.


  • Made VFX more obvious for the exit area.

Voltura Village

  • Fixed a hidden collision.

Sundered Throne

  • Fixed spike traps to make them less easy to bypass.

The Astral Door

  • Fixed visual seam.

Secret Trail

  • Fixed an environmental object so that it doesn’t obstruct the entrance.

Vault of the Goldbeard’s Legacy

  • Updated a clickable prop that was doubled.
  • Fixed clickables that weren’t working.
  • Fixed an odd area in the level.

Challenge Dungeons & Mapworks

  • Fixed a hole in the world in a few specific seeds.

VFX Updates:

  • Minion rings / various Sharpshooter minion fixes
  • Minion rings / Dusk Mage minion fixes
  • Added a faster base attack for the scaled down Varkenin Brutes in game. VFX and SFX all adjusted for new attacks based on longer flail.
  • Minor optimizations to boss kill celebrate vfx
  • Reduced some of the performance issues on Energy Spike by pooling its VFX
  • Automata custodian scale adjustments
  • Fixed missing texture for Power Projection
  • Increased glow on electric skeletons
  • Ordrak reviewed/updated
  • Fixed cocoon animation resetting after rescuing Wolfram.
  • Fixed an issue where the animation of the weapon's VFX stops while transitioning between locations.

SFX Updates:

  • All monster death sounds now ignore importance.
  • Also made the spider death sounds a bit louder, since they were very quiet (quieter, in fact, than the other monsters' death sounds).
  • Disabled the hit test of the relics in Character Create when they are not visible on screen in order to make sure that the sound does not play. 
  • Added miniboss death SFX to netherim boss deaths
  • Added sfx for toxic, mechanical, and electric custodian attacks.


  • Fixed an issue where area quests would not be added if the quest service takes too long to return quest progress. 
  • Reduced required count of Lost Remains from 12 to 10.
  • Increased progressive drop chance of "Lost Remains" quest.
  • Adjusted required count of Netherim to complete the "For Science!" quest. Updated quest tasks to show percentages.

Text & UI

  • Fixed obsolete quest dialogue text from the Mysterious Wanderer.
  • Fixed an issue with the Electro Converter quest object not being highlighted in any way but on the mini-map by adding a deactivated material to make it clear it's done. 


  • Adjusted how items are spawned on ground so that they shouldn't occasionally be placed under the floor.
  • Fixed some cases where item spawning could fail completely. 
  • Fixed a very limited amount of available valid magic quality armor for Dusk Mage and Sharpshooters from level 46-59. 
  • Adventurer's Luck now applies to players with party members in their same instanced area instead of applying strictly by distance. 
  • Re-instituted bonus gear luck for playing at higher difficulties:
    • Hard: +5% gear luck
    • Painful: +10% gear luck
    • Ridiculous: +20% gear luck 
  • Removed affixes that add to proc chances for various things like bleed, stun, etc. They did not function without a duration.
  • Items (including those from the gambler) will now only drop with poison defense affixes between levels 16 and 30, then 46 to 60.
  • Items (including those from the gambler) will now only drop with electric defense affixes between levels 31 and 60.


  • Increased the potion cooldown from 5 seconds to 6. You're supposed to be challenged to find the right time to use your potion and watch that you don't get surrounded or overwhelmed while it is on cooldown. Previously, there was more of an element of just needing to plan enough in advance to bring plenty of potions and make sure you hit them as soon as they come off cooldown. Hopefully this change forces players at the higher difficulties to be more careful. 


  • Fixed an issue where players cannot equip some legendary affixes from the all affix list if they have more than 10 unlocked.
  • Fixed an issue where picking up a legendary pet item doesn't unlock the legendarium affix.


  • The Stun resistance affix will no longer drop, as we don't really have stun applied against the player often enough that it's worth having.


  • Egg of Mayhem once again uses the correct Electrode relic skill.
  • Updated the wording of the Railmaster Legendary Items Doompipe, Shotgonner's Shield, and Blast Breaker. 


  • Readjusted the rest of enchanting to use proper affixes, allowing two of the same affix on an item.


  • Fixed an issue where the Sharpshooter's head can be seen through Mask of Akaman when any Staff is equipped.


  • Reduced fog settings to accommodate higher camera position.


  • Fixed an issue where the Luck Tree could not be placed in your fort to complete the "Tutorial: From a Humble Seed" quest if your fort appeared somewhere other than Trevail Passage.
  • Fixed an issue where a fort prop (e.g. Enchanting Altar, Pet Shelter, Wardrobe) could not be placed in your fort to complete a tutorial quest if your fort appeared somewhere other than Trevail Passage.
  • Added Netstrike Banner fort decoration to be granted for participating in stress testing.


  • Adjusted the bonus damage factor that is applied in Fazeer's Dun'djinn to start off more gradual, plateau at a lower total. 
  • Reduced greatly the amount that monster damage is scaled up by per challenge level in Fazeer's Dun'djinn, as you would quickly reach a point at higher difficulties where even regular monsters could one-shot you. You should now be able to make it to the end on Ridiculous without normal monsters one-shotting you. Champions and bosses, on the other hand? No guarantees. Good luck! 
  • Fixed an issue where you could revive, but die so quickly you couldn’t be revived again.
  • Reduced monsters spawner packs by 50% in a specific instance of the Echonok Exterior Boss arena.


  • Fixed the Angered Ancestor dealing massive one-shot damage when he finally tracked you down. 
  • Fixed an issue where the Extreme-Close Up affix does not cancel out the camera pull-back on bridges.
  • Added explosive barrels to an area where affix specifically called for them.
  • Replaced the "Mega Packs" affix that was set for various Fazeer's Dun'djinn level sets, to help with performance.
  • Re-enabled the "Shifting Shackles" affix for random challenge level cards. 


  • Adjusted the scale that champion versions of monsters are set to so that it's consistently smaller than the boss versions (or vice versa).
  • Increased minion quality champions' health from 4x of normal monsters to 6x of normal monsters. 
  • Reduced monster base hit points from level 2 to level 7, to give players more time to get a second damage-dealing skill or improve their damage output through better gear at lower levels. This should hopefully reduce some of the slog remaining on champions on higher difficulties at the lower levels.
  • Decreased player damage vs. champions and bosses from 45% to 40% on Painful and from 30% to 25% on Ridiculous.
  • Decreased player damage in a party of 2 from 60% to 50%, in a party of 3 from 50% to 40%.
  • Increased the hit points from minion quality champions from 250% of normal monsters to 400% of normal monsters (before other difficulty tuning factors).
  • Fixed an issue where enemies from the Mini-Side Dungeons can damage a character outside of the dungeon and vice versa. Skill range checks now also check the Z distance. If it is over 20 meters, it is out of range

Boss/Pet Chests

  • Fixed an issue where players sometimes couldn't open pet cages in boss arenas after killing the boss.
  • Fixed an issue where boss chests and pet cages don't activate if you are too far away from them when the boss dies, or if you run too far away after the boss is dead 
  • Fixed boss and pet chests that can sometimes fail to unlock after defeating the boss in The Kennel.
  • Fixed an issue where players couldn't open Carrion Killer's chest on specific area seeds. 
  • Fixed an issue where goblin boss chests could sometimes not spawn loot.


  • Increased the randomness of the siege affix (falling boulders) to try and alleviate the clustering.
  • Fixed an issue where minion add ons from Legendary quality champions were getting affixes like Stormbringer when they shouldn’t.
  • Hazard radius for Rising Strike slightly reduced (intentionally smaller than visual suggests).


  • Fixed an issue where reviving all players in a party causes the boss to disappear.
  • Champion and minion packs can now only spawn at level 5 or later, whereas solo champions (Unique and Legendary) can spawn from level 3 onward.
  • Fixed an issue where spawn timers weren’t respecting their limits causing Champion packs to be larger than intended.
  • Reduced all spawners by 50% in Firebelly Village, Sundered Throne, and Acrid Plains.
  • Tweaked the spawn rates of monsters so that rare monsters (like the Thorned Strider, Varkenin Brute, etc.) spawn more 
  • consistently across the various areas.
  • Renamed "Bruce Killis" to "Master Marrow, Scorcher of Bones". It was a good day to die hard.
  • Removed the unused stationery automaton turret monster and direct references to it.
  • Reduced the pack sizes of goblin lumberjacks and increased their damage, hitpoints and experience value to compensate for the reduction.
  • Increased the chance that Firebelly goblin lumberjacks will spawn in areas in which they are valid.
  • Reduced the pack sizes of some monsters to help performance on low end hardware. Increased these monsters' hitpoints and damage accordingly, to compensate for reduced average pack sizes.:
    • Netherling: from 2 - 6 to 2 - 4
    • Netherim Spellbreaker: from 2 - 4 to 1 - 3
    • Netherim Slugger: from 2 - 3 to 1 - 3
    • Forest Lurker: from 2 - 3 to 1 - 3
    • Hyvid Drone: from 3 - 6 to 2 - 4
  • The Netherim Herald (and the mini-bosses built off of it, like Grundlepox and Algramath) now deals 75% of its normal damage for its faster claw attack, 100% of its normal damage for its bite attack and 200% of its normal damage for its longer, well-telegraphed teleport slam skill.
  • Fixed an issue where Mimic chests have a 'Treasure Chest' label above them when the 'Always Show Nameplates' option is on. Also adjusted Mimic chest collision so that nameplate shows up closer to the chest.
  • Improvements to help the Varkenin Brute:
    • Increased health by about 10%
    • Shifted him within his collision volume so that his mass is more centered within the volume, so he doesn't have to get so close up on you to attack.
    • Reduced the largest pack size down to 3.
  • Hooked up a new, quicker attack animation for the regular Varkenin Brute's attack skill.
  • Fixed the Fire and Physical custodian automata not using the right skills for their ranged attacks, dealing too much damage. 


  • Fixed several issues with Shriekbeak's transition between phases. The coils at the edge of the arena should now properly activate and send a beam to Shriekbeak when he switches to a new phase. The coils will now properly only appear charged when they are ready to fire, and appear deactivated if they have a charge ready (before, their visual state did not always reflect their gameplay state).
  • Fixed adds not spawning during the fight against Krrank (mapworks boss).
  • Fixed an issue where occasionally, Netherlings may get stuck behind environment assets during the fight with Grundlepox in Den of Upheaval. 
  • Fixed players being able to get a Psora phased boss before having completed the boss fight story quest. 


  • Adjusted shadow size and sockets on monsters in low graphics mode.
  • Create a 50% scaled automata custodian to fix spawn animations.
  • Automaton spawn suite, montages and updated base BP for scaled down "small" custodian.
  • Fix to Mossrat Den climb up spawn of the larger Mossrats so that the animations look nicer.
  • Attempt to fix an issue where Goblin Bombers are sometimes invisible.
  • Attempt to fix an issue where some Voltura Gunners remain invisible after spawning.
  • Fixed champion automaton custodians being smaller than the normal-sized monsters.
  • Fixed monsters that have color occlusion after they die.


  • Fixed Relic Weapon passives (and several other recently made proc effects) being triggered by Minion/Pet attacks. 


  • Coldheart's Ice Barrier skill base duration increased to 5s (up from 3s).
  • Fixed an issue where Coldheart's Frost Shock was not able to fire up ramps.


  • Updated Lightning Strike tooltip description.
  • Updated Electrode (Localized Storm) description for consistency in text format.
  • Fixed an issue where Conjure Electrode was only ever hitting enemies once with all its missiles.
  • Fixed Electrode’s Chaotic Strikes so it works again, and made it work with Egg of Mayhem.

Flaming Destroyer

  • Updated Flaming Destroyer so that proc’d fireballs have impact effects.
  • Reduced damage on Flaming Destroyer's sword smash by 20%.
  • Fixed an issue where Flaming Destroyer's Cloak of Flames Tier 3 bonus' additional fireballs would spawn from the location where the skill was cast, not the location of the character. 


  • Pets rotate to their movement direction faster.
  • Fixed Pet retriever Idle montage to eliminate freezing in place.


  • Updated various skill description text for consistency.
  • Fixed an issue where some Area of Effect skills wouldn't deal damage.
  • Fixed issues where multiple Area of Effect skills didn't deal damage to monsters in some situations.


  • Servo-Driven Uppercut now costs 12 Heat, and its Tier 1 bonus is changed from doubling stun chance to "when the stun triggers, deals damage twice with a giant fist"
  • The Brawl tree skill unlocks have been changed: Fracking Strike now Tier 3, Power Projection tier 4, Cyclone Mode tier 5. This means when you get your first high heat-generator (Uppercut) you also have a third Vent option available - the weaker, but reliable any-time Venter. 
  • Buffed Servo-Driven Uppercut from 180% to 200% weapon damage.
  • Vortex Bomb ability can no longer be interrupted.
  • Vent: Furnace Blast damage increased to 100% for both base damage and burn damage (up from 50%), burn duration reduced to 2 seconds, but stacks infinitely.
  • Vent: Fracking Strike animation speed increased, base damage increased to 80% (up from 40%) 
  • Slug Shot Tier 3 Milestone now triggers every 4th shot, instead of every 5th.
  • Rapid Strike base damage increased to 60% (from 50%).
  • Servo-Driven Uppercut base damage increased to 180% (from 160%).
  • Poison Dart's missile speed doubled, interrupt window reduced and animation speed increased, making the skill fire much quicker.


  • Fixed an issue where the Railmaster's own Flying Picks could poison or bleed their spectral allies.
  • Torque Swing's Tier 3 Milestone now makes the Endurance Bonus thrown hammer boomerang back to you, dealing damage twice.
  • Spike Drive damage increased to 250% (up from 200%).
  • Shield Car Tier 1 and Tier 3 milestones flipped. Persistent Shield is now a Tier 1 Bonus, and healing is now a Tier 3 bonus, upgraded to 5% HP per second.
  • Fixed an issue where Shield Car active (50% damage reduction) could get permanently applied to the character.

Dusk Mage

  • Removed the allied movement speed component from Luminous Run.
  • Fixed an issue where Luminous Run could be activated while it was already active, consuming the 2nd charge and sending you right back where you started. 
  • Added some additional bulletproofing to help the harmonic form trigger more reliably. 
  • Unholy Bolt base damage increased to 170% (up from 140%).
  • Damnation's Tier 3 milestone now also removes its Mana cost.
  • Dusk Mage Luminous Run visual fixes.


  • Fixed an issue where Precision skills with Explosive Arrow tier 2 passive can cancel boss's attacks which leads to invisible fire AoE spawning.
  • Tight Grouping damage reduced to 150% (down from 200%).
  • Fixed an error with Sharpshooter Goblin bonus tooltip. 

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